• Please note, the donation goal below covers the cost of our monthly server requirements. This server and community is ran on a non profit base and all money donated will be used towards the servers upkeep. Once this goal is hit each month the donations will be closed until the first of the following month.

    This server does not sell ANY perks through our donation system. However depending on your donation amount we will gift you with specific levels of queue priority. These can be seen below. They will be set and will be on a one time payment. These can not be stacked, but can be upgraded by buying the appropriate upgrade to your current level. Please contact a Developer to confirm your purchase and grant you your queue priority.

    Queue Priority: Level 1

    £5-£25 Donation

    Queue Priority: Level 2

    £26-£50 Donation

    Queue Priority: Level 3

    £51-£80 Donation

    Queue Priority: Level 4

    £81+ Donation

    In the event that the donation goal is over achieved the amount paid to result in this goal being overshot will be negated from the following months goal.


    Terms of Service

    Payments to Spectrum Roleplay is a donation and no virtual goods are contained in the physical purchase. This transaction is final and no refunds under any attempt will be accepted and will result in a permanent termination of your account within our servers. If you are banned for failure to follow our set terms of service for game-play on the server then a refund will also not be available and your donation will not influence how you are treated or how you are dealt with in a administrative situation.

    You as a donator recognise that you are above the age of 18 years old at the time of purchase, or have consulted and received approval from a parent or legal guardian to donate and commit a purchase on our website. Due to this, you recognise and forfeit all chances of PayPal, CreditCard, or other charge-backs. Spectrum Roleplay have the right to change or remove any assets of your account at any time uninfluenced by these donations.

    We take privacy seriously and we will take all measures to ensure that your personal information is not sold, distributed or given to any asset or 3rd party outside of Spectrum Roleplay.


    You can view our current server expenses by clicking this link to be redirected to our expenses post.

Current Donation Goals

Server Costs

The monthly costs that allow us to keep the server running smoothly for the community!

July 2019 - Server Payments.

Raised 26.00 GBP of 280.00 GBP target