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    This application area is directed towards people that are interested in using a custom skin/ped model for their roleplay character. Before applying there are a few things that you should know before considering this. Player models are individual to a server, we try to make it so that no two people have the same model. If a user becomes inactive and another application is put through requesting this old model the staff team will take this into consideration before replying and finalising the model on a submitted application. Player models do limit factors of clothing customisation, this is purely just a factor that we have not managed to work around yet. You can expect this to happen with the majority of models however there are a few exeptions. EMS or Police peds are only given out in special situations (usually for events) this is due to the small amount currently avalible. It must also be noted that certain animations may also not function correctly, however most of these will work as normal. Before applying please look back through the history in this thread. We will only hide/remove applications that are not accepted or the player/character has been killed off and has become avalible again. If someone has already had the PED you are looking for approved please do not apply for it prior to talking to one of the Administrators. If you are happy with the following drawbacks then feel free to continue on with the application. Format (Please copy and paste below this line and include it in your thread): Character Name: Character Background (Where your character originated from, etc) : Breif Explaination on how the Skin would benefit your roleplay: Name and ID of Skin (You can find this via the site hyperlinked) :