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  1. Jack


    This has been changed. We are running 2 servers, whitelisted and public. Both running similar server setup/features. Both having very different economy styles.
  2. Jack


    There has been a lot of confusion about what is going to be happening with this update so this thread is the latest, up-to-date form of what will be happening come 6PM BST on 12/04/2019. Combined Patch Notes: The issue where you were unable to respawn after the death timer has now been patched correctly You can now use /carry to carry another player on your shoulder when they have their hands up. /carryped can be used to carry a NPC/citizen The issue with people timing out and being kicked for "Error [2]" has now been patched New cuffing animations and sounds have been added in for when Police make arrests More foods (Hotdogs, Sandwiches, etc) have been added into Burgershot The issue where the pawn shop didn't recognise any inventory items has now been resolved. Crafting has now been added The weed system has been updated to use seeds. These can be purchased from 2 NPC's that change their location around the map periodically. This is only a maximum of 2 seeds per restart - server wide for moderation purposes. The black market dealer has now been released into the world ... somewhere. Issue where crafting recipes didn't show up sometimes has now been fixed (this was an issue with negative rep not triggering the correct events) Added Phones to all stores ($1000 on public, $800 on whitelist) Individuals can now use /bed in pillbox to be placed on the bed for EMS When there is more than 1 police officer online you are now able to rob civilians by pointing any weapon at them. They will put their hands up and eventually give you the contents of their pockets (in dirty money). Please be aware there is a 50% chance that this will put a call through to the police. Whitelisted Server: Whitelist applications have been closed for the time being to allow @Tara to catch up on the backlog and give other staff members time to re-review some other individuals which we no longer feel are suitable for the server. Continued updates from Combined. Public Server: A complete wipe commences. Memory, economic and character wipe will be put through at 6PM BST today. This update comes with the newer version of the Spectrum v3 framework and includes the features that have been recently listed to whitelist. Public server has will now receive constant updates/similar updates to the whitelisted server, just as a separate entity. This may sometimes mean that there is a time delay between when both servers receive and have updates implemented but this should never be more than 24 hours. Economy Re-balanced. Numbers have been readmitted to be inflated compared to the whitelist server, to create more abstract opportunity and to allow players to choose in what kind of environment they wish to play. For Clarification: Both public and whitelisted servers will be online and functional. Public will receive a full wipe, whitelisted will remain as it has been for the past few weeks. (No changes apart from patch notes) Public server will still run off the "Apply to gain" system in regards to businesses and factions. Anyone that has applied for a business or a faction in the past will need to REAPPLY come sixth restart. Both servers although developed separate have been updated in a way that makes it easier for developers to share updates across both versions of the framework more fluidly than previously. The whitelisted server will still go off a harder more realistic economy, no changes will be made to that as of now This post will be continued to be updated by myself over the next 24 hours to answer any questions that are asked via our discord. If you have any concerns please let us know.
  3. Hello! Thank You for showing interest in joining our whitelisted roleplay server. This is going to be a new addition to the Spectrum Roleplay network and we are looking to create a closed net, roleplay server that holds high standards for its roleplay. Something that sometimes we can simply not get out of a public server. To be able to qualify for a whitelist on this server you must have the following requirements: Have played on a roleplay server in the past and know generalised terms and know what your doing. Be able to create advanced characters with extended storylines that can be built upon over time. Must be over the age of 16 years old (you should be this for the public server anyway) Read through all of our rules and agree to them: https://goo.gl/ZgBmHd Must fully complete the application at the bottom of this thread and post it here Some of the perks for joining the whitelisted server over the public one: The server is closed off to people that are just on to cause trouble! Generally higher level of roleplay and ability to do advanced situations with better and more up to date scripts A great place for streaming due to the closed connection, it is a lot harder for you to be stream sniped (Many of our staff use this server to stream on currently) Totally separate server! We keep the Public and the private server totally separate, this means that the economy on the whitelisted server will be different as well as prices etc. The whitelisted server is more up-to-date with the latest and greatest things! We usually run new scripts and ideas through the whitelisted server before posting them to the public. This way you guys can get your opinions in early! AFTER YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR WHITELIST YOU WILL BE REQUESTED TO JOIN A WHITELIST WAITING ROOM WHERE YOU WILL BE GIVEN A VERBAL "INTERVIEW" TO CONFIRM YOUR WHITELIST. YOU WILL RECEIVE ACCESS TO THIS CHANNEL AFTER YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN PASSED THROUGH THE FIRST STAGE (APPLICATION ACCEPTANCE). Please make sure that you complete the application below fully. When creating the thread please name it the following: Forum Name - Civilian Application Out of Character Questions: 1. What is your name? 2. What is your discord name? (Example: Jack C#0001) 3. What is your date of birth? 4. What is your Steam HEX Code? This is used to whitelist you and can be found from https://steamidfinder.com and is called "steamID64" 5. Have you ever had experience roleplaying on a server before? If so what server was it? (Include as much info as you can. Links, Screenshots, Videos or Vods) 6. Do you have a twitch channel, youtube channel or any sort of social media that you may/will stream the server with? Theoretical Character Questions: These questions are going to be asking you to create a "theoretical character" this is just so our application team can get a feel for your creativity and way of thinking. We ask you to go in as much detail as you can with this. Please note: you do not have to use this character when you get into the server BUT we ask that any character you make is to the same high quality - We are not allowing any weak backstories and your character must have a strong foundation with clear intent. 7. What is your characters name? 8. What is your characters birth date? 9. What made your character come to the city? 10. What is your characters background story? 11. What will your character do on the first day he arrives into the city? 12. Any extra details? Agreements and Terms: By applying for a whitelist for the Spectrum Roleplay I agree to the following: - Restrict access to my account to ensure that the only user accessing the server with it is the individual posting this application. (I agree/I disagree) - Understand that joining this server means that I have to play my character as a new person with no references to past memories or events from any other server/city. (I agree/I disagree) - Not intentionally begin witch hunts or start drama due to a situation not going the way I anticipated, or any other reason for the matter. (I agree/I disagree) - That I understand that administrators from the server can and will pull/suspend or permanently remove access to the server if I breech any of the rules or terms given to me. (I agree/I disagree)
  4. Jack

    v2.0 [ECO UPDATE]

    Hello! Welcome to the developer's blog for one of the most important and content-filled updates that we have done so far on Spectrum Roleplay. Please be aware that visually not much has changed but the main reason we are naming this the big Version 2 update is because of the enormous economic reworks that we have done for this. v2.0 We have divided every single balance, cash and shared banking amount by 10. This pretty much knocks a 0 off the end of everything to make prices seem a little more realistic. Example: Range Rover costing $110,000 instead of $1,100,000. Added backend dynamics functions in for EVERY SINGLE payment method in and out. This allows us to edit the amount you earn in any amounts you pay out PER ACTIVITY dynamically every restart. Added in Drivers License, these can be purchased for $6,000 at the new Mors Mutual Insurance building. Please note that it will require you to have an active address. This can be a house or one of the new hotels/motels (read further down the blog), if this address is not correct and a police member does decide to check into this then a warrant can be put out for your arrest and a fine of up to $250,000 can be issued to your name. Added in Mors Mutual Insurance building Updated Insurance Paying Menu to include number plates (useful for staff related situations) Introduced Motels (Buildings that can be rented out for up to 7 days), each has an individual address and is considerably cheaper than renting a house. Removed Burgers and Water Bottles from store Added in Burger Shot building and interior Added in Burger Shot Supplier and Chef Jobs Reworked payment for legal jobs. You should now be able to earn more money completing legal jobs when there are no police online than selling moonshine or other low police drugs Added new Police undercover fleet for FBI Updated Customs to allow police to customize/edit undercover cars Updated mechanic's job to now REQUIRE you to tow a vehicle to the Paleto bay HQ to repair Added in replacement parts for Mechanics to use on cars AND ordering/delivery system or missions Updated User Z Menu to include a "Documents" tab where you can choose to access your normal ID, fake ID and Drivers License Updated U menu to include the amount of mechanics online (EMS and Police are still going to show Low/Medium/High) Added in Money Trails for Police to use in court cases. Police can now see users Depositing and Withdrawing money to and from banks (essentially a bank statement system) Vehicle streaming resources have been cleaned up significantly. A large amount of unused/barely used cars have been removed and the ones that are still present have been merged into larger more manageable packs. Police Bike has been updated All bike handling speeds have been reduced Updated all custom dealerships to now include a limited stock of Imported and Native GTA Cars Significant buffs have been made to Native GTA Cars More cars added to Simeon's garage including new SUV and Sports Cars Added more bikes to Duffy's Motorcycles Car price rebalance to introduce more worth and want to un-used native GTA cars (custom imports are now A LOT more expensive) Removed repair kits from all stores to prevent abuse and uselessness of mechanics Removed purchasable gun stores Reimplemented Dirty Money, all illegal activities will now be funded in dirty money. This can be cleaned at the Laundrette that will appear on anyone's map with more than 100 reputation. This location can be raided and will be moved regularly. Moved all Weed, Moonshine and Document Forgery locations Removed Blip to Forgery location on a map Added dirty money command (use /dm to see how much dirty cash you have on you) Added dirty money to show on the main character loading screen Updated housing prices for specific houses (higher end) Removed some Police vehicles (weren't used or were useless) Added the ability to give Dirty Cash to other players Added ability to take friends into Hotel rooms (Currently in BETA with instancing) Initial work has begun on the Spectrum OneSync port. Initial testing earlier this week shows promising results for the coming weeks. Added ability to change Drivers license address for free at insurance location Mechanic spawn points updated to be map-wide Wishing you all the best and remember to always wear your seatbelt!
  5. Jack

    Economy Update

    Hello everyone! Recently we have ran into a problem that is beginning to cause unrealistic issues with the servers economy. We have decided to do a much needed update to the economy. This will happen on Friday 22nd February at 6PM Restart as long as no additional time or delays are impended (You will be notified if this is the case via discord). One of the things that we really didn't want to do from and admin perspective was do an entire reset. We feel this is unfair and obstructive to peoples role-play. We have decided to try another approach of resetting the economy per-person based on your current net-worth. We were finding that people were making too much money too quickly and we feel that it is more than needed for this to be updated. Not only will this include a large update to everything to do with money but we plan to bring in a few additional updates that we have been working on behind closed doors to help aid the pull-through of this change. An issue we have had in the past is that the moment anything like this is announced people decide to leave, or not want to earn money on the server due to it being reset shortly after. We are not aiming to do this and instead we are giving you a full detailed list of what will be changed on a personal basis now so you can financially plan into the future over the next few days and weeks to better aid yourself, your friends and your factions/business after this update is pushed. The things that will be changing: Car dealerships will no longer have an infinite stock, they will be required to save up and invest to add more cars to their showrooms. These car prices are going to be nerfed by a large mile, you will no longer be charged $180,000 for a low tier sports car. You will be able to buy these kinds of cars for more in the region of $50-75,000 Your bank balance will be corrected to 10% of its active amount before the restart on the 22nd - This may seem bad on retrospect but as everything else on the server will be brought down by the relative percentage it will even out once active. Insurance WILL NOT change! A large issue that we are having right now is the amount of high end super cars driving round on the server's streets. We have decided that we wont be removing your vehicles but the insurance that is imposed on these will be stationary even after the 22nd update. We will be adding in a solid Police rule which means any vehicles that are not ensured will be impounded and crushed regardless of the situation and you will be fined the asking amount of insurance you are overdue. We HIGHLY suggest looking into insurance and what your new income may be (pretty much just take what you earn now and times it by 0.1 (giving you 10%)) and make a decision based on this figure. We are aiming to have most high-end vehicles sold by the change-over date. We will be updating the Food System in game to add a larger variety of foods, this allows for there to be more social classification within the server down to the smaller details of what a certain character is eating. We are hoping to see newer players that have not built up an economic background yet to be walking round with cheap burgers while the more economically stable individuals may be there puffing a cigar and eating a quason (some kind of curly french bed). Drug and Job pay will be reworked to the new relativity of in-comings and out-goings. Extra updates will go through to all legal jobs to balance them out against illegal, this will also include pay towards PD, mechanics and EMS. Thus entailing possible updates to the three white-listed jobs listed prior. IMPORTANT: It is very important that after reading this thread you understand what is actually changing here. We are simply editing figures to make its seem more realistic when purchasing, selling and earning money in the server. In real life a burger and bottle of water would NOT cost $55! Please understand that the rich will still be the rich and the poor will still be poor but the numbers that are involved around the city will be reduced and normalised to what would be expected outside of the internet (yes outside does exist its not a myth). Thank You! If you do have any questions please be sure to ask us on discord and the organising staff members of the update will be there to advise and inform you of any changes (We have a temporary channel named #eco-updates that you can use to ask questions). Please do not assume certain things will change that have not been listed here. If you do want more information about a certain sector changing then please do ask first! We will be compiling all information, suggestions and finalising any changes closer to the the update date specified earlier in this post. Hope you all having a wonderful day! And remember, wear your seat-belts.
  6. Jack


    Its development blog time! We have been working hard behind the scenes to do things, however we have just been too lazy busy to be able to post a blog about it all! v1.0.5 Added in Town Centre and Government Offices Added in Offices and reworked system to allow us to customise interiors per office rather than just one set interior Added more houses in Fixed rent and insurance system Added in automatic purge of houses that are not paid for over 2 weeks (2 weeks overdue on rent) Began work on new MDT system for Police Introduced Secret Service Fixed back-end panel issue that was rate-limiting some users when downloading extra vehicles and interiors Introduced modular server system to allow us to add and expand upon the one server depending on queue listing [BETA] Added in Fast Response vehicle menu, allows cops to refill on supplies in vehicles Updated chat to now add back EMS and Police department alerts Updated restart system to now announce at the correct times and work with the new modulation system Updated and fixed health bar bug, when you die it will now no longer show you as having 1/4 health left Removed repair function from Police officers, they will now have to call a mechanic or return to MRPD for a new vehicle Updated rich presence on discord to now show "playing Spectrum Roleplay" Added in new faction vehicles, job vehicles and vehicles for car dealerships Cleaned up vehicle addon resources, reduced downloading times upon initial load-in Introduced a large amount of admin utility commands to help out with common requests and tickets Re-implemented old bank robbery system for higher payout/higher risk illegal activities Updated FakeID price to $850,000 Updated sound effects for Police, EMS and Mechanics Implemented chopshop. Extra work will be done to complete the car selections for next dev blog. Re-added pawnshop to show in the daytime. Sell off stolen goods and car parts [Illegal] Updated staff permissions Began to re-haul the handling files for all bikes, right now these are too OP and can turn corners at 190 mph like its nothing. Reopened Lawyer applications Introduced/began creating own in-depth law system Added in Governor and Vice-Governor Position Completed Voting system for 23rd February Located the realisation that exams are approximately 15 weeks away and that I should probably begin revising! Hope you all enjoy these updates, as always you can apply for the Police, EMS, Mechanics and more through the forum tab above. And if you need any support or have an issue with a feature or the server then you can join our discord and create a ticket! Wishing you all the best! ❤️
  7. Jack


    Sorry for the lack of development posts this week, the new year is over, school is starting and some people are still trying to seek out what they would define as a "social life", although we have been silent, we have all been busy at work. We have an amazing developers blog for you, filled with some new features. Optimisations, Drugs and @Zeg Deg personal garage (he hasn't shut up about it for the past 3 days). v1.0.3 Added Police Boat Spawn points Added EMS Boat Spawn points Fixed one of the scripts that was causing an abundance of NPC's to spawn and give you that resource time warning Updated our Gym system, it no longer messes around with your animations after using Added a Fitness Meter, you can now run to increase your stamina Added a sweating system Fixed Police on Duty Notifications Added a bunch of new dances from the Night Club DLC (Club Interiors soon to come hopefully!) These can be used with /dance 1-23 New public drug (Meth) introduced - This drug can be made and sold with 0 police on and is designed to be able to grind reputation rather than money Added the ability to go down to humane labs and steal Ammonia (used to make a new drug) Added Match Boxes into General Stores (these can be used from your inventory to make 10 matches) Added that when you have 1 x Bottle of Ammonia, 1 x Cough Medicine and 5x Matches you can create 1 Bag of Meth at the cook location Added the function so that when you reach 1500 reputation the Document Forgery will appear on your map Added the ability so that when you reach 1500 reputation you can use the Document Forgery and make Fake ID's for yourself and other players ($150,000) Introduced the new PD Detective/FBI styled role. Some mechanic features will be coming to this soon Got distracted and still working on the advanced robberies (Soon™) We have now opened up our staff positions to be on an apply then promote style application rather than vote and promote style. You can now apply for the trainee role via this hyperlink [On the forums, if you are viewing this change-log in game]. All staff and promotions will now be handled by @Juan so if you have applied please don't ignore any messages he sends you. Development in terms of Cars, Bikes and other Addon Vehicles will now be ran by @sgtherbz . So If you got a deep in game pocket and you wanna request a custom car for a dealer to deal to you then go ahead and give him a message. We should start to see a more regular occurrence in Server and Discord events. These will now be managed by @Vodkaholic , So we can all look forward to hearing him sing the Russian nation anthem (and barbie girl). We are starting push on our social media side, this includes twitter, youtube and maybe instagram. This will be primarily ran by @Zeg Deg so if you got any cool clips that he can use be sure to post them on our #rp-screenshots channel in discord for him to savour his opinions. @Recoil is just gonna continue to do what he does, we don't know this is really. He is just kind of useless useful at times. We are currently working on a restructure for EMS (this includes looking for a new leading supervisor) if you think you fit the role be sure to apply (you can find this in the navigation bar above) We are also currently restructuring and finalising training documents on the Police Department behalf, if you are interested in helping out there then I am sure you know what to do (application tab on nav bar**) The map has now been completely de-christmified due to reasons we can only blame Recoil for, there were still a few santa shrines around the map Work has begun on the new house robbery system, this does include each house having their own interior allowing you to place down storage boxes and move, will this ever be finished or a viable option? Maybe? Probably? We will have to see! Issues that resulted in users not loading in the Pillbox hospital interior correctly as well as a similar bug that didn't allow some clients to load in at all has been resolved from our side. If you still do have issues loading in jump on the discord and create a support ticket. There is a connection and IP whitelist fix that we have devised for the server for the few people that have particularly picky internet providers. Someones calling on your god damn Telephone! That's right, @Zeg Deg made a new ringtone. Its great, we love it, I listen to it on loop before bed. We are working on the feature where you will be able to change the ringtone between multiple Rob Stain Hit Singles! We added in a few new locations around the map for Garages. These wont show up on the GPS but they are there. Trust me. We are mid process of shuffling around all of the admin and staff commands, Helpers will begin to be able to be a lot more helpful and Moderators much more moderative?? A bunch of Administrator commands have been added in which allow them to reset your peds, twitter name, character name and other cool things. No need to message a Developer and wait for them to do it "after a restart"! Not going to bore you with anything else, a bunch of back-end updates went through to our panel and management system however there will be no noticeable changes to any regular players because of it. Remember if you like this update give us a thumbs up, if you don't then... We aren't youtube and don't have a dislike button so go complain to Recoil. If you find any bugs be sure to report them and any suggestions let us know. We will be going through Business and Faction applications later tonight in the staff meeting (after the community meeting) and we will be discussing the possibility for Player allowed Pilot and Flight.
  8. These are a full set of rules designed for staff to follow. These do not include our baseline set of server rules that can be found here as staff members are expected to follow this by default. This set of rules is posted publicly to allow community members to share concerns with specific staff members and relate to certain rule code or numbers while doing so. Staff Helping and User Guidance 1.1 - All staff members are expected to help out any user regardless of their server presence or personal state if they have an issue, problem or complaint to their full ability. This can and does extend to discrimination or disregard to suggestions and opinions that may not benefit the staff member from an in or out of character perspective. 1.2 - In the case that a staff member is unable to perform a task or request sent to them by a community member or other staff member in a way that has clear, untitled opinions then it is the staff members responsibility to inform this individual and redirect them to another source. 1.3 - In a situation where the staff member is unable or is restricted for permissions, to complete a task then it is the staff members responsibility to ensure that a smooth transition is made between the user/player to the correct staff member with level power. Staff Privacy and Fairness 2.1 - All staff members are required to be able to accumulate a fair non-influenced opinion during a staff situation or vote held within a hidden staff channel. 2.2 - All staff members must understand that information shared between other staff members in discord text channels, discord voice channels, in-game staff chat or any other staff only communication. 2.3 - Staff members are not allowed to access, save, modify or record any autonomous server log on discord or website. This includes vital information protected by the Global Data Protection Act any attempt to do so will be taken seriously and reported to the correct authorities. 2.4 - Staff members must respect the users' privacy when reporting issues or other players. It is the players' responsibility to state that they do not want to be named in a situation to other staff members. If a situation is passed onto a high permission stage then you are not allowed to continue to deal and intervene with the situation unless specifically asked to by the staged staff member. 2.5 - Staff members are not allowed to use official staff communication systems to talk, gossip or privately discuss another person's situation, game style or status. If you are not able to discuss this with the person you are talking about then you probably shouldn't be saying it without them present. Staff Privileges and Abuse 3.1 - A Staff member is not allowed to use given permissions to benefit their own roleplay, server experience or use their given permission to entitle another specific user or group unless given explicit permission from an Administrator to do so, as part of an event or reward. 3.2 - If a staff member is found to be abusing privileges to benefit themselves within the game, they must fully acknowledge that this will result in a permanent termination of their account on our server, website, and forums with no further explanation required. 3.3 - If during a situation a player requests for another staff member to deal with the situation, you must endure this request and find another available staff member. If one is not available you must make this clear to the player and explain that they can take this further with another staff member once available. Miscellaneous Notices 4.1 - You must understand that every staff member is entitled to their own free time, "nagging" or consistent messaging after warning can not only be seen as rude and disrespectful but also annoying. This alone can result in the termination of your staff position. If someone says they will deal with it later then leave it until later (this is for both players and staff members) 4.2 - Attempts to stir drama within the community over any sort of event is not tolerated as a player and is especially not tolerated as a staff member. There is a difference between disagreeing with decisions made and telling people mixed up, variants of a situation with the intent of invoking a reaction. 4.3 - Once you have applied and accepted to these base Terms and Conditions you agree to not mention or talk about your application process or promotion eligibility at any time. If you have a problem with any of the said Terms of Service in this document then please be sure to contact a member of administration immediately. Failure to do so may result in future issues within your staff position. Please be aware we have full authority to update, remove and add rules and terms without prior notice to any of the agreement holders. Disagreeing to the following statements will result in your staff eligibility being negated and role/privileges given being removed as of immediate to the disapproval.
  9. Hello! So you are interested in becoming a trainee for Spectrum. This is where you can find all the appropriate information and formats that will allow you to apply for such a role. Before you do this, however, I highly suggest you read below so you know how the role works and what it entails exactly. Requirements You must be at least 16 years old. Just like the rules, exceptions can be made this is however rare. You must be able to have a fair opinion, that can not/is not influenced by other staff members or non-staff You must be active within the spectrum roleplay community (6-10 hours a week is expected) You must not be staff and or in any position of influence or power over another Grand Theft Auto V roleplay community deemed as a competitor to Spectrum (this is for many reasons stated below) You must be able to attend staff meetings that are held in UK native time (These are usually held every month or two) You must have fluent English skills in both speech and text Why are these requirements set for our staff team? As a relatively new community, we are trying to set the bar high for our standard of staff. We believe staff should not be given to people who feel they deserve the role, more to the people who actually work towards it and prove this in their roleplay, out-of-character self as well as showing high interaction and support rates to the current team. We have the bar set at 16 for our staff members, for two main reasons. It is not unheard of for staff to get reports and have to moderate during sexually based roleplay scenarios that happen within the server. We need staff that are old enough to perceive this and be able to work around it to still complete the task at hand. We are also looking for a generalized level of maturity in the team that we coherently see demonstrated above this age group. However, it is not unheard of to have younger people that are as mature. We do take all applicants into consideration, and acceptance/denial will vary depending on what you have perceived yourself as on the community so far. We need to ensure that all of our staff members are able to make fair decisions when dealing with other users and staff in "Government" situations. We look for staff that does not want to use their position out-of-character to benefit their in-character personas. This goes for the regular update votes we hold. It is also important that each staff member is able to produce and allow others to acknowledge their opinion in a clear, structured manner. This allows us to correctly implement systems that make all users happy rather than just the majority. You must be active, Kind of a no-brainer. If you're not active within the community why be staff? If you don't ever turn up to work why should the employer keep you on your job? 🙂 The staff decision, although not appreciated by some, is in our eyes very necessary. We pride ourselves on creating ideas and implementing them to the community in a way that benefits all. Some features may even be wanted by other communities/servers that are in similar positions to us. We need to ensure that when we trust you with information or a task at hand, that the information and tasks are kept private between yourself and the assigner. We believe total transparency is a good way to keep a community interested and engaged with each other. For this exact reason, we try to organize staff meetings regularly with our team to gain feedback off new updates, features or restructures that we implement. This allows us to quickly revert or change anything disliked by a majority. It also allows us to get continual feedback and suggestions on new upcoming features to increase certainty on release. We are in fact a United Kingdom based server and we feel that having fluent speaking and writing skills in this language is a must-have. Without them, you will find it difficult to help, discuss and moderate our server's voice chat, discord or in-game chat. Application Format: When creating an application please ensure that it is posted here and that it includes answers to all information asked below. Any applications that do not follow this format or include the necessary information specified will be automatically denied (Also include nice formatting to make it easier for Admins to read ❤️) Basic Information: 1 - What is your name? (Real-life, out of character name. This can be an alias - Just something that we can refer to you as): 2 - What is your current age? (Must be at least 16+ years old): 3 - How long have you been playing the server? (Must be at least 2 weeks of active gameplay. Use character playtime numbers if possible): 4 - What is your timezone? 5 - How often do you play on the server per week? 6 - What is your discord contact? (You should already be part of the discord server prior to application however we will need this to assign your role/status eg. Jack C#0001): Scenario Information These questions are based on situations that we often deal with on the server as staff members. Please give a detailed response to all scenarios including at least 200 words. 7 - You receive a message through the staff /report system stating that a new user had joined the server and has been going around punching people and killing other members without roleplay reason (RDM). If you were a Trainee with limited permission levels (no mechanical way to support in the situation) what would you do? 7b - You are part of the same scenario as Question 7, however this time you have moderator level powers. What would you do? 8 - You are in a roleplay scenario with your normal group or faction and another individual comes over and initiates a deathmatch situation with you. One of the party is knocked down and reports it as RDM or "unfair" what do you do? 8b - Similar situation to question 8, however, you are the party that initiates the deathmatch situation. What do you do? Extended Context Questions: 9 - Why do you think that you should be a staff member/trainee on Spectrum Roleplay? (150 words) 10 - What can you do as a staff member that others cant? (What separates you from the rest, etc. 200 words) 11 - What can you bring to the Spectrum Roleplay staff team? (Include any past experience of moderation in communities, 150 words) Terms and Agreements: 12 - By creating this application you are automatically accepting that you fill the requirements stated above appropriately and that you follow the linked staff terms of service fully. I understand that later failure to follow these terms will result in immediate termination in my staff position, with or without notification from any management figure. (I agree/I disagree)
  10. Jack


    Hello everyone! Just a smaller patch fix for the previous v1.0.2. I would also like to thank everyone for their great rp-screenshot submissions on discord! Keep them coming, we still see too much Cletus! v1.0.2b A patch was pushed to our back-end panel that fixed a login exploit (this was found and patched before being abused). Vehicles and assets from the Arena War GTA V: O DLC were streamed into the server today. This should allow us to create some interesting server events in the future. Weapons and Illegal Weapon Market System was now redone. This will be controlled by large groups (currently two) and all weapons will be dropped via supply drops to set locations given (similar to the drugs). You can see if a supply drop has been activated by seeing the Titan fly overhead! After a stupid amount of time the auto restart feature SHOULD be working. The server will now restart every 6 hours promptly. A new system to allow mechanics to charge people set amounts depending on the damage of the vehicle they are fixing is in the works and is just being polished. The new advanced robbery system, well. Its still exactly how it was yesterday. We are welcoming back the Vandals MC faction onto the server, this will be primarily ran by @Adster Mc and I expect that he will cause no trouble or harm to anyone! We have replaced Swann's Luxury Auto's for the new Prestige Luxury Auto's. This will host the higher end of cars for all of you people with deeper in-game pockets. This will also be primarily ran by @Antony We have implemented a system to automatically remove EMS, Police and other blacklisted NPC's. This was done to improve performance and help un-clutter some glitchy model/voicelines during intense RP situations.
  11. Jack

    EMS 10 Codes

    Communication is a vital part of being on the EMS team. If you don't have the initiative to notify your colleges on where you are and what you are doing at all times, not only can this be dangerous to a patients life but it can also create confusion from within the force resulting in certain patients receiving a large response unit while others receive non. If you have applied to join the force it might be worth giving the following codes a general read through before your training just to familiarise yourself to some of the most common terms used on patrol. 10-1 - Signal is weak (Communications are not clear) 10-2 - Signal is strong (Communications are clear) 10-4 - Okay/Acknowledged (Most used 10-code across the team) 10-7 - Out of Service 10-8 - In Service 10-9 - Repeat last Communication 10-19 - Return to the City 10-20 - Current Location 10-22 - Disregard 10-23 - Arrived at Scene 10-24 - Completed Assignment 10-33 - Emergency Assistance Needed 10-52 - Ambulance Backup Required 10-76 - On route (Responding to call/dispatch) During training you will be given the correct documentation stating all of these, and use cases of them.
  12. Being part of the EMS/Paramedic team does come with rules and guidelines that you must respect. Failure to follow these basic rules can result in your medical license being temporarily suspended or even permanently removed! EMT RULES: 1. You treat everyone with respect and reason - As EMT you are a public servant and you are expected to have impeccable behaviour in the public eye. This includes on and off duty! 2. Your character must not have a criminal record or been arrested/served jail time for any crime. This also continues once you are part of the team. Your character can not be corrupt on or off duty and favour certain people or use/partake in illegal activities - a police investigation may be launched and your licenses will most defiantly be suspended. 3. When on duty you must only use your response lights for the correct level of urgency. You are not allowed to use your sirens in a false way to avoid traffic or speed without reason. 4. When arriving on scene think about the placement of your vehicle - Make sure you are close enough to the patient that you are not going to be walking too far with them but also make sure that you are not blocking or impeding on any traffic as this may cause explosions and other bad things. 5. The amount of ambulances to fast response vehicles out on duty is decided by the leading EMT on shift. There must always be at least 1 box ambulance available before any other vehicle is brought out. This is also expected to stay in a somewhat equal ratio if multiple units are on. 6. Finally, the most important part about being an EMT is the roleplay. We hold a high standard of roleplay on the team however, you are totally in control of this. If a person is injured the medical unit takes control of the scene and has full dictation on where that patient goes. Please don't be afraid to drag good situations out and get more units involved (for example calling in a 10-52 instead of just treating them in the back of an explorer).
  13. Jack


    Its happy new year and best of wishes to all of you going into 2019 here from the UK! As promised we have a nice big developers blog and update release to carry your role-playing fetishes through the new year. v1.0.2 We have a brand new loading screen. This was much needed with our transfer over from the old server and now is host to many awesome community screenshots (although at this time they are mostly of @Juan a.k.a Cletus). Over the next few weeks/months/into the future, we will be adding more screenshots to it from our community discord #rp-screenshots channel so be sure to get posting! We have had a huge UI recreation, this most noticeably changed the character selection screen which is now fitting with our server colours and has been considerably cleaned up back-end wise. A fix has been released to delay issues when creating characters (noted in the last developers blog), so that means you can be creating your characters with optimum speed. We would like to welcome @Recoil back to the development team, he has been working on a new Anchor system for boats (this can be found in your inventory Menu Z > Vehicle > Anchor), this allows you to go swimming without worrying about where your ride is after 😄 A fix was released to the Police Department CDS complaints and notification sounds - And I am sure that @Gotchy will appropriate me mentioning here that she is in fact right. Thank you to @Filetcube for the new logo design found on our forums and on the server, looking colourful and wonderful! Considerable work has been made on the new-upcoming Bank Robbery system, People who watched my new years live-stream may have seen some of the work on that! We have accepted Duffy's Motorcycles, this will be the new main dealer for motorcycles on the server (Ran by @Duffy), this also included 2 new custom bike models being added. More to come next week! We are deciding to enforce the legion square loitering rules on the server now, if you are found loitering around the square you will be fined by the police and even vehicles impounded for repeat offenders. We have introduced "The Plaza" which can be found on your map, this will be an area we will continue to spruce up with more cool stuff as time goes by. Robin's Recovery now has an official map marker, this will be good for mechanic RP and a new system is in the works which will allow mechanics to more fairly price car repairs depending on what is broken. Car Dealers currently have a new UI for selling cars in the works, this was meant to be done today but the magical fairy's of development got distracted with firework launchers so that should be in tomorrow! New Illegal Weapons system currently in works and will be introduced to leading factions over the next week. The camera and microphone command has been added back in for the reporter job, this job is however currently whitelisted and if you are interested in taking up the role then you need to contact an administrator and they will redirect you to the current leader/organiser (T.B.A) As per usual if any of you find anything wrong please let us know over on our bug reports, and any suggestions make sure they are posted here so we can see them! Both myself and the Spectrum team wish you a happy 2019 and good luck with whatever happens throughout it!
  14. Jack


    Hey! This is a slightly smaller developers blog than usual but I should be able to get a bunch of work in and push out a bunch of updates for the new year. However what is entailed within this blog was some crucial core updates and fixes that I am sure a lot of you will be thankful for. v1.0.1 A bug fix was released that prevented you from creating a new character on the main loading screen. However, there is an issue after creating a character it can take a few seconds before loading in. This is due to a handshaking issue to our database and will be researched into, with the coming weeks. Character skin system reversal. Due to many complaints about how Male characters always have make-up and the female characters always look identical or awful, I have decided that it would be best to revert to one of our older more simplistic skin creation systems. One of the main drawbacks on this however is that you all have to remake your skins. This system is still in BETA and if you have an issues please make a bug report on the forums - A note for anyone that has or currently is in need of a custom PED skin, this system may cause it to be reset. If you already had the model you can request it to be reapplied to your account; if you are interested in getting a new player model then we will be opening applications in the next week or two. Added small notification noises to Police CDS, Gunshot and Vehicle Theft reports and systems have been put in place to limit the spam of them coming from a single location. Added the ability for Police to add and remove attachment sets on weapons. Police can now use 10-20 blips to temporarily mark a location on the map for other units to see. The police departments and ems are currently restructuring ready for the new year.
  15. Whenever you are submitting any suggestion please be sure to follow this format. This allows us to be able to clearly identify what you are talking about and gives us enough information to be able to recreate and design appropriate systems if acceptable. If your suggestion is hidden or you are no longer able to see it without notification this means one of three things, your suggestion has been denied by the staff team. This can be for many reasons and if you wish to know why and how to improve it then you can feel free to open up a support request on our site, the suggestion may also of been hidden from public view if it has been moved into the developers planned section and finally a reason for it being removed could be that it has already been implemented. Be sure to look at latest Development Blogs before submitting to avoid this issue! Format (Please copy and paste below this line and use in your own thread): Suggestion Name: Brief Explanation of Idea (160 Characters Max): Screenshots/Reference Images of Idea: In detail explanation of idea including locations and any planned information: Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and the Spectrum staff team are looking forward to what you are going to come up with!