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  1. Jack


    Hi everyone! It is really important to everyone at Spectrum that we are clear and transparent with our community on everything. One of the things we want to be open and honest with you about is our financial standing as a community. Spectrum is run voluntarily, not for profit and solely off of donations from members of our community. Our target is set at £160 a month and we’d like to share with you how we came to that figure; MONTHLY BREAKDOWN: Dedicated Machine - £125.00 Web Server - £15.00 Google Drive Backups - £8.60 FiveM Patreon (custom clothing etc) - £45.00 Teamspeak & Other Licenses - £80.00 TOTAL - £273.60 / $347.34 If we are fortunate enough to reach our goal early, then whatever more is raised will go towards the next month and so on. If prices increase for any of these we will announce this and how it affects the total. These funds will NEVER benefit an individual, once a donation is received it is the community’s fund to keep Spectrum going. If you chose to donate and help us towards our goal, please know it is truly appreciated and we thank you! ❤️
  2. Jack


    v3.1.9 Reduced shouting range to half of original Fixed some customs not allowing you to access/change VAT and gain profits Reduced vehicle ped density to half of what it was before to reduce build ups/explosions Fixed U menu ID's not working after more than 32 people joining server Removed robbable player houses temporarily
  3. Jack

    RDM Records

    Your application has been: Accepted Some of the logistics of your company idea will have to be discus through the admin/staff team first. However you have not proposed anything that seems too unreal to achieve in-game. Please contact a Developer to get your business sorted for anything that you need to get developed.
  4. Hello, After the recent change over to TokoVOIP I feel that we have not appropriately explained why we made this choice without prior request of the community first. Upon looking back at the decision we realise that this lack of advanced warning has lead to the frustration of others including staff. With the recent developments of FiveM, we are seeing a more stable increase in the use of OneSync (The system that currently allows us to have up to 128 player slots). Currently at this time it is rimming the ability of being stable enough permanent use. Many of you would have saw this over the past 24 hours when we trailed with 50 slots. The problem we currently have with using our old VOIP system with the new OneSync is FiveM's new Mumble backend system. This has turned out to seem "weird" and "unrealistic" to people. It has also caused several issues with interiors on housing and mobile phones. With us not wanting to be left behind with the new changes (we are aiming to have permanent 50 slots by the end of this week) we decided that it would be ideal for us to make the investment in moving over to TokoVOIP. This change has allowed us to freely move between OneSync and Non-OneSync for regular testing without having to reconfigure our backend for VOIP. It also gives people the opportunity to use a stereo surround sound system (with headphones) and distance fading to introduce a more immersive microphone experience. The change has also introduced a more pleasurable experience for Police and EMS to communicate, no longer having to set up multiple hotkeys for different channel whisper list's, instead just one radio key to talk to the specified channel they desire. This also comes with the unconventional benefit of more control over hackers and rule breakers that come on the server. In the unfortunate case it is much easier for us to ban teamspeak users and require a higher level of security to join the server thus, locking the hacker/cheater out of the server for longer periods of time. We understand that this change is sudden and bugs may occur for the first few times people use it. But we promise that once this system is set up and working properly you will be able to join the teamspeak and use it as if it was native to FiveM Roleplay. There seems to be the rumour going around that this new VOIP setting was a test and that "it may be removed in a few days". I can now confirm that TokoVOIP is here to stay permanently, unless a new FiveM VOIP feature is released (which is unlikely in its current state). We know that the extra steps can be frustrating (especially when it is bugged/doesn't work for you first time) but we do have appropriate methods of support on both discord and the teamspeak and we encourage you to use these if you do have a problem. This thread will be left open for prior questions and opinions, however non-constructive complaints about the system will most likely be removed by moderators due to the reasons stated above. We hope you can all get used to this change and learn to enjoy it more than the old 🙂 Lots of love, Spectrum Staff Team xx
  5. Jack

    TokoVOIP Setup Guide

    Hello everyone, with the release of the greater slot servers we are implementing a new VOIP system which gives us more freedom development wise with what we can do with your voice. The setup is really simplistic and easy to do! 1. Download the teamspeak client for your operating system specifications from this link - For existing teamspeak users please ensure that your client is fully up to date before installing the addon to avoid later problems. 2. Download the TokoVOIP addon from here and install it (run the program) 3. Once the addon has been installed, open Teamspeak and connect to the servers Teamspeak server with the IP: ts.spectrumrp.com Connections > Connect (Or CTRL + S) 4. Once in teamspeak place yourself into the Waiting Room under VOIP Channels and connect to the FiveM server as you would normally. 5. Once you are in the server you will need to disable the default FiveM VOIP system. To do this press Esc > Settings > Voice Chat > Voice Chat Enabled turn this option to be "off" 6. You will then need to assign your push to talk key to your teamspeak microphone instead (default is: N) This will act as your Push to talk key for conversation over the phone and talking to other players around you. Tools > Options > Capture Things to keep in mind/common issues: You will not be able to join the server unless you are in this teamspeak channel. Please make sure that your teamspeak and VOIP addon is running the same version that the server is using (This can be seen on the holding screen when you attempt to log in). Use of the teamspeak for breaking rules, advertising or any other activity that is against our terms of service will result in an immediate ban of your teamspeak account and your server account. If you have any issues, create a discord ticket or wait in the teamspeak for a staff member to assist you. Please check your microphone prior to roleplay, ensure that it is clear and not too loud. Police and EMS will automatically be put into their radio channels when they go on duty. They can use this by doing the default radio animation (left alt) and talking. IMPORTANT Due to the amount of people joining and leaving the main VOIP channel we highly recommend that you turn off ALL teamspeak notifications. You can do this via your teamspeak settings: Tools > Options > Notifications Then change Sound Pack to Sounds deactivated and change While Output Muted to Play no sounds (You may have to restart your teamspeak for these changes to take effect)
  6. Jack


    v3.1.8 Updated ban system to fix issue where some bans would not go through administration logs Reduced total payout for the Legion robbable bank Re-implemented player-ran car dealerships (currently still in early testing) Updated user identifier methods and saving (backend) Patched glitch where users were able to return to the bank after leaving the area to receive a payout Whisper range has now been updated from 7m to 4m (You will have to be a lot closer to hear people who are whispering now) Fixed crashing bug with select admin commands and vehicle spawns
  7. Jack


    v3.1.7 Fixed duplication bug linked to inventory and robbery system Now made it so that upon dropping items you will automatically do a message using /me Medkits have been nerfed to now only work 50% of the time, this is designed to make you use the emergency services more often. The bug which allowed you to loot player bodies once they had been knocked down has now been fixed. You must keep the hostage/subject alive if you wish to rob from them. Introduced a BETA version of a new whitelisted job ("Fire Department"). This will act along side the Medical Services route and has a few interesting additions that are being tested between select members for now. Disabled NPC firetrucks and response to fires. Added in new clothing options for EMS and Fire Department Changed the notepad system to now ensure they depend on items, you will be able to use a notepad to write in them and then drop and give them to other players as if they were any other item. New anti-cheat detection implemented to help staff catch some of the people causing issues during negative "raids" over the past few weeks. You are now able to use /taxi to call an NPC taxi to your location, you are then able to set a point on the map and the driver will take you straight there! This is currently a free system however we will be implementing a price before merge through to the main server.
  8. Jack

    Fly US Reupload

    The only problem I see with this is there is specific limits to where these kinds of vehicles can be used in the city and in roleplay. Is this buisness going to be something that is used regularly, and if thats the case how will it be regulated from abuse and what limitations will be set for it.
  9. Jack


    v3.1.6 Fixed and re-added in the bank robbery system. Rather than it being a 30 minute cool-down per bank there will now be a 60 minute global cooldown. This gives the PD chance to organise and deal with previous situations before being bombarded with more. House Robberies have been added to the server, now if there is one or more Police officer(s) online and you have a lockpick in your inventory you will be able to break into anyone's house. There is a 50% chance this will set off an alarm and alert the PD. Weed seed item has been fixed and is now usable instead of having to use /plant Launderette location changed and blip for rep has been fixed. Removed the ability to steal someone else's driver's licenses for the time being until an additional obtaining source is added.
  10. Jack


    v3.1.5 New Drug System Implementation - We reset our drug system this now includes 4 primary drugs, Cocaine, Weed, Meth and Heroin. These have been reverted to a new faction controlled system which takes into account supply and demand factors of the server. The server list presence has been updated for cops to show "Off-Duty" or "On-Duty", this is to suit our new low police rules which can be seen on our server rules listing. Fixed vehicle storage caps. (Sorry but you cant store 1,000,000 under your Sanchez seat anymore!) Police has received a rework in vehicle access to allow people to have access to new and older cars We have added a bank robbery system. This is an alternative robbery system to the cash registry one, these will take longer but the payout will be greater. The purchased motel system has been removed, motels will now be free and accessible to everyone. Storage has been removed from these due to them being free. If you wish to store items you must now use your vehicle trunk, buy a house or storage boxes. Legion has received a make-over to add options for hotdogs, other beverages and entertainment of all sorts.. Re-added the briefcase, these can be obtained through in game contacts, it gives you a whole new level of trendy. Player Robbery duplication glitch has been patched. Removal of YMAPs that were causing bad frame drops around the Mirror Park and Highway areas Match boxes have been fixed and can now be turned into matches. Public Meth was removed to fit in with the new faction controlled drugs. Added blips in for owned houses. When you log in you will be able to see your owned homes (they will show up as pale green houses on the maps) Added replacement images in for some of the inventory icons Illegal blackmarket weapons have been updated in price Time trials has been added, so you can earn your $60,000 prize for setting the fastest times. Progress on weapon selection system has started. The moonshine system has been removed (because we forgot it even existed still) Something that buzzes when people want your attention may or may not of began its first stages of reworks?
  11. Jack


    Its been a while since we have been posting these dev blogs, (a few months for that matter) this dev blog will be the longer one to highlight some of the main changes and updates that the server has undergone over the past few months. v3.1.0 Inventory Update - We have totally redone our inventory to now work off a more slick visual, drag and drop system. This can be accessed using the ` key (tilda) Weapon Update - Weapons are now classed individually and recorded into the police database depending on the way that you have obtained them. This means that if your gun is stolen then it can be tracked back to your name if checked. Item META Update - Items are now individually classed upon a similar system to the weapon classification. ID's belong to specific people and if they are stolen then it runs depending on the original owner. New MDT System - All of the police records and fining system has been moved from Discord over to a dedicated system which can be accessed by using /mdt Added notification in chat when the police presences turns to low. Please read the rules if you are unsure what the meaning of this is for. Added more animations (including Gang Signs) into the F7 Menu Edited the garage system to allow people to reset their cars for a price Updated storage box, vehicle inventory and home inventory UI to work with new inventory. Update job prices and access points to work with new inventory Updated Drug Prices Introduction of new Jewellery Heist. Added in Police Evidence lockups (Individual to the person) Update to HUD to remove clutter, you can now see your cash balance using /cash or /dm for dirty money. Updated Police Clothing, vests and female model options Added additional motels and currently in the works of redesigning the system to allow infinite motels to be available depending on the amount of people connected to the server. Added sounds to doors when opening and closing them. Added sounds to handcuffs when being arrested. Patched a major give money bug which allowed negative figures to be given to people to gain money from them. Added in systems which allows money from the police MDT and public jobs to be duplicated into private shared bank accounts that roleplay leaders/employers can use for bonuses and operations within roleplay. Readded the extended interior to Mission Row Police Station Added Mugshot Circle into MRPD Reintroduced gun licenses, these can be bought from the court house and you will need one of these if you want to buy a firearm legally from a store. Added CPR Animations for EMS revive/job. Added in icons across map for new clubs, jobs and the comedy club (split sides) Readded EMS operation suite. Fixed Trash Cans from not working with new UI Readded the office system in to allow players to purchase offices. If you want a custom interior for your office then please contact a developer as these have to be applied manually at this time. Added a limit to the price that fuel can be set at to avoid the people who think its funny to set gas at a price of $23,000 a gallon. Dates will now automatically be applied to Drivers Licenses and Gun Licenses, post purchase to keep everything to one universal format. Updated the Logging, Fishing and Burgershot jobs to work with the new Inventory UI Disabled the ability to roll vehicles back over after they have been flipped. You will have to use another vehicle or someone else will have to nudge you back onto your 4 wheels. Disabled the ability to control a vehicle in air (excluding bikes) Major changes to the Vortex handing file to reduce its overpowernesssssssss. Added the ability to re-buy mobile phones at the Life Invader building. Fix applied to prevent NPC's from standing still after selling drugs to them. Readded the Meth system - This works the same as before with stealing/buying the materials and then mixing them together to turn it into a sell-able substance. Updated the holster animations for police. Added in new Time Trials these will be displayed on the discord and the person with the fastest time will receive an in game, monetary reward every week. Please note that this activity is technically illegal and you can be fined/arrested for reckless driving. Re-added Housing, you will be able to buy houses across the map. These will not be based off a rent system but instead a one time purchase system. We may implement upkeep payments eventually, however if you become inactive then upon request a house may be taken away from you to give to someone else who is active. Housing storage system updated, the houses now include a basic storage box which is individual to each house. We will be adding the ability to craft items in housing in the next dev blog. Added new vests and patches for new factions accepted. Work has begun on the business requests/applications that were accepted. Sorry for the lack of posts showing these new features, it may not look like it - but we are still doing a lot of work behind the scenes! If you have any issues with the updates or find a bug then please let us know on our discord!
  12. This application area is directed towards people that are interested in using a custom skin/ped model for their roleplay character. Before applying there are a few things that you should know before considering this. Player models are individual to a server, we try to make it so that no two people have the same model. If a user becomes inactive and another application is put through requesting this old model the staff team will take this into consideration before replying and finalising the model on a submitted application. Player models do limit factors of clothing customisation, this is purely just a factor that we have not managed to work around yet. You can expect this to happen with the majority of models however there are a few exeptions. EMS or Police peds are only given out in special situations (usually for events) this is due to the small amount currently avalible. It must also be noted that certain animations may also not function correctly, however most of these will work as normal. Before applying please look back through the history in this thread. We will only hide/remove applications that are not accepted or the player/character has been killed off and has become avalible again. If someone has already had the PED you are looking for approved please do not apply for it prior to talking to one of the Administrators. If you are happy with the following drawbacks then feel free to continue on with the application. Format (Please copy and paste below this line and include it in your thread): Character Name: Character Background (Where your character originated from, etc) : Breif Explaination on how the Skin would benefit your roleplay: Name and ID of Skin (You can find this via the site hyperlinked) :
  13. Jack


    This has been changed. We are running 2 servers, whitelisted and public. Both running similar server setup/features. Both having very different economy styles.
  14. Jack


    There has been a lot of confusion about what is going to be happening with this update so this thread is the latest, up-to-date form of what will be happening come 6PM BST on 12/04/2019. Combined Patch Notes: The issue where you were unable to respawn after the death timer has now been patched correctly You can now use /carry to carry another player on your shoulder when they have their hands up. /carryped can be used to carry a NPC/citizen The issue with people timing out and being kicked for "Error [2]" has now been patched New cuffing animations and sounds have been added in for when Police make arrests More foods (Hotdogs, Sandwiches, etc) have been added into Burgershot The issue where the pawn shop didn't recognise any inventory items has now been resolved. Crafting has now been added The weed system has been updated to use seeds. These can be purchased from 2 NPC's that change their location around the map periodically. This is only a maximum of 2 seeds per restart - server wide for moderation purposes. The black market dealer has now been released into the world ... somewhere. Issue where crafting recipes didn't show up sometimes has now been fixed (this was an issue with negative rep not triggering the correct events) Added Phones to all stores ($1000 on public, $800 on whitelist) Individuals can now use /bed in pillbox to be placed on the bed for EMS When there is more than 1 police officer online you are now able to rob civilians by pointing any weapon at them. They will put their hands up and eventually give you the contents of their pockets (in dirty money). Please be aware there is a 50% chance that this will put a call through to the police. Whitelisted Server: Whitelist applications have been closed for the time being to allow @Tara to catch up on the backlog and give other staff members time to re-review some other individuals which we no longer feel are suitable for the server. Continued updates from Combined. Public Server: A complete wipe commences. Memory, economic and character wipe will be put through at 6PM BST today. This update comes with the newer version of the Spectrum v3 framework and includes the features that have been recently listed to whitelist. Public server has will now receive constant updates/similar updates to the whitelisted server, just as a separate entity. This may sometimes mean that there is a time delay between when both servers receive and have updates implemented but this should never be more than 24 hours. Economy Re-balanced. Numbers have been readmitted to be inflated compared to the whitelist server, to create more abstract opportunity and to allow players to choose in what kind of environment they wish to play. For Clarification: Both public and whitelisted servers will be online and functional. Public will receive a full wipe, whitelisted will remain as it has been for the past few weeks. (No changes apart from patch notes) Public server will still run off the "Apply to gain" system in regards to businesses and factions. Anyone that has applied for a business or a faction in the past will need to REAPPLY come sixth restart. Both servers although developed separate have been updated in a way that makes it easier for developers to share updates across both versions of the framework more fluidly than previously. The whitelisted server will still go off a harder more realistic economy, no changes will be made to that as of now This post will be continued to be updated by myself over the next 24 hours to answer any questions that are asked via our discord. If you have any concerns please let us know.
  15. Hello! Thank You for showing interest in joining our whitelisted roleplay server. This is going to be a new addition to the Spectrum Roleplay network and we are looking to create a closed net, roleplay server that holds high standards for its roleplay. Something that sometimes we can simply not get out of a public server. To be able to qualify for a whitelist on this server you must have the following requirements: Have played on a roleplay server in the past and know generalised terms and know what your doing. Be able to create advanced characters with extended storylines that can be built upon over time. Must be over the age of 16 years old (you should be this for the public server anyway) Read through all of our rules and agree to them: https://goo.gl/ZgBmHd Must fully complete the application at the bottom of this thread and post it here Some of the perks for joining the whitelisted server over the public one: The server is closed off to people that are just on to cause trouble! Generally higher level of roleplay and ability to do advanced situations with better and more up to date scripts A great place for streaming due to the closed connection, it is a lot harder for you to be stream sniped (Many of our staff use this server to stream on currently) Totally separate server! We keep the Public and the private server totally separate, this means that the economy on the whitelisted server will be different as well as prices etc. The whitelisted server is more up-to-date with the latest and greatest things! We usually run new scripts and ideas through the whitelisted server before posting them to the public. This way you guys can get your opinions in early! AFTER YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR WHITELIST YOU WILL BE REQUESTED TO JOIN A WHITELIST WAITING ROOM WHERE YOU WILL BE GIVEN A VERBAL "INTERVIEW" TO CONFIRM YOUR WHITELIST. YOU WILL RECEIVE ACCESS TO THIS CHANNEL AFTER YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN PASSED THROUGH THE FIRST STAGE (APPLICATION ACCEPTANCE). Please make sure that you complete the application below fully. When creating the thread please name it the following: Forum Name - Civilian Application Out of Character Questions: 1. What is your name? 2. What is your discord name? (Example: Jack C#0001) 3. What is your date of birth? 4. What is your Steam HEX Code? This is used to whitelist you and can be found from https://steamidfinder.com and is called "steamID64" 5. Have you ever had experience roleplaying on a server before? If so what server was it? (Include as much info as you can. Links, Screenshots, Videos or Vods) 6. Do you have a twitch channel, youtube channel or any sort of social media that you may/will stream the server with? Theoretical Character Questions: These questions are going to be asking you to create a "theoretical character" this is just so our application team can get a feel for your creativity and way of thinking. We ask you to go in as much detail as you can with this. Please note: you do not have to use this character when you get into the server BUT we ask that any character you make is to the same high quality - We are not allowing any weak backstories and your character must have a strong foundation with clear intent. 7. What is your characters name? 8. What is your characters birth date? 9. What made your character come to the city? 10. What is your characters background story? 11. What will your character do on the first day he arrives into the city? 12. Any extra details? Agreements and Terms: By applying for a whitelist for the Spectrum Roleplay I agree to the following: - Restrict access to my account to ensure that the only user accessing the server with it is the individual posting this application. (I agree/I disagree) - Understand that joining this server means that I have to play my character as a new person with no references to past memories or events from any other server/city. (I agree/I disagree) - Not intentionally begin witch hunts or start drama due to a situation not going the way I anticipated, or any other reason for the matter. (I agree/I disagree) - That I understand that administrators from the server can and will pull/suspend or permanently remove access to the server if I breech any of the rules or terms given to me. (I agree/I disagree)