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  1. Recoil


    This is a Developer Blog as of Wednesday 3/05/2019 General Public Info Added Severity For not Eating - (if You Don't Eat your screen will start to pulse black) Disabled Commands/Binds When being carried (Z, F7 and TAB) Disabled Commands/Binds When Carrying People (F) Changed Handlings on (BF400, Turismo, Vortex) Added Animations For when using Lockpicks (Looks a Lot More Realistic) Removed Repair Kits and Cleaning Kits From Vehicles Added Mechanic Impound Added ability to purchase Vehicles From the DMV (Any Garage Gives u the option For $500) Added more animations For Gangs Updated Pricing on the Fishing Job (Not a Durastic Drop) Changed Trees along Los Santos Freeway (Looks Nicer and not a Mess) Updated Prices On Recycling Updated Drug System Added Notification When its Low Police Bug Fixes Fixed Car Washed Not Showing Attempted Fix For Mechanics Attaching and Detaching Vehicles Fixed Issues With Needing a Garage Reset To Retrieve Vehicles Fixed EMS Problems with (Morphine and General Aesthetic) Fixed bug with getting fuel for free Police/EMS Added Props Menu (Ability for cops to place and remove Props) Changed Police Car Handlings (Not OP anymore) Added Examine Back For EMS
  2. Recoil


    This is a Developer Blog as of Wednesday 17/04/2019 General Public Info Added CarWash - (3 car Wash points around the Map, 2 are in The City, 1 is in SandyShores. These can be Found as an orange Car on the Map) Added /helmet - (By doing /helmet 1 this makes Your helmet Not get auto put on When on a Bike but if you put it as /helmet 2 It resets and actives the Auto Helmet Again) Added More Motels - (Got more of these Coming Very Soon) Fixed Motel Management - (You can now Edit Your Motel Days Through The Menu) Added Pharmacy In Paleto - (For people who live up in Paleto) Added Repair Business - (Your Welcome Seamus, This can be located on the map as a Grey Spanner and Screwdriver on the map) Fixed Admin Give car Command - (as it says) Fixed Job Prices - (Current Pay Fixed For these Jobs) Taxi Maintenance Delivery Police/EMS Chef/Supplier Update fuel Prices [Mechanics] - (Again. Your Welcome Seamus) Added Mirror Park YMAP - (Mirror Park now looks a lot more Better aka It's Fabulous) Police/EMS Added Spike Strips -(You Now Need To Be Worried About getting into Chases Criminals ) Enabled Bullet Casings - (You drop your casing without Picking them Up and You're In Trouble) Added Police Megaphone - (Don't be Scared if you here an angry Man telling you to Pull over the F****** Vehicle )
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  4. Recoil

    Report a Officer

    This is how You Will from now on Report A officer For Doing Something Wrong This can be Report In or Out of Character Report:
  5. Recoil


    As said in the Last Development Blog Sorry For the Lack of Development Due to School so i have a small Dev Blog Today Added NightClub Added Up to 50 Dances (These Can Be done with /dance (Number) Added Buyable Gas Can (This Can Be Bought By walking up to a gas pump) Added 50% Of Notification on Drugs (Basically how it says) Updated HUD (Herbz Has added and Updated Some Car Speeds) Updated Robable Cash Register Distance Added ability For Players To Fly Planes (To Get Flight Trained You Need to contact Maxamillian) Any bugs do /report in game and a admin will cantact You Or Help You
  6. Recoil

    Bug Report Format

    One of our main goals of this community is to continually provide updates and bug fixes to issues that you find with our server, this means that the way bugs are reported and organised is critical to how quickly we can support these reports. When creating a Bug Report please follow the format below, this is for many reasons primarily this allows us to easily view and read through the appropriate amount of information; allowing us to fix it promptly. Please don't worry if your bug report is hidden from public view, this usually means a patch has been released and should be stated in the next relative Developers Blog on our forums. Format (Please copy and paste below this line and use in your own thread): Character Name (If affected): Discord Contact (CheeseBalls#0001 for example): Steps to Reproduce Bug: Screenshots/Evidence of Bug (Include locations if needed): Time of Bug Discovery (DD/MM/YYYY - 00:00AM):
  7. Recoil

    Police Applications

    Wanna Join Our Police Department? Click this link and you Should get a Response Within 7 Days Note Be Patient When Applying It can take a couple days to get back to You