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  1. Khandamir

    RDM Records

    2. Providing the weekly royalties from the recordings. Regardless of the Business application itself, this is highly unlikely. We can allow all sorts of businesses and yours looks like a good idea, unique and never tried before on this server. But we do not spawn in admin/government money to get businesses their income. The whole idea behind a business is to generate both RP and income. For your idea, income would have to be less important than the RP. If you want some suggestions, I would say to instead of uploading the file to youtube, make it available through 1 time use download links. Surely there is a website who provides this. Then actually sell the tracks and albums ingame, people pay cash ingame and get their unique download link to get the track. Considering how much money people have, I am convinced people would pay a reasonable sum to get a track that was made by a character from the city, music that is about shit that happened in the city. Ofcourse that is just one idea I come up with while writing this, surely a creative mind can come up with more ideas! As long as the ideas generate the income you feel you need, because there won't be government handouts given to keep businesses running 😉