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    Sicilian Mafia

    The Sicilian Mafia. Title really speaks for itself, we are an organisation of Members consisting from the Five New York Mob Families , we have come to Los Santos due to altercations with our bosses / handlers or Police, we have come to Los Santos for new lives but our past keeps just coming back up so we have decided to just own it and accept we need to get back into the life, we keep the same morals and same rules from our families back in New York / New Jersey. The motto for our organisation comes from a recent family friend who returned home from Colombia, the saying is "Plato O Plomo" This saying is what will often be said when holding a meeting with a rival organisation or family, this saying roughly translates in English to "Silver or Lead", the motto implies that they can pay for their life to be saved. This motto will be used at all executions ordered by the family. Rules : (The 10 Commandments of the Family ) 1. Never look at another made members wife and all wives of made members must be treated with absolute respect. 2. Never be seen with a cop, unless they are on the payroll of the family. 3. Don't go to clubs or pubs unless its a family event. 4. Always be available for the family, even if your mother is on her deathbed. Mafia becomes first and only Mafia. 5. When a boss or another made member of the family asks you a questions. You must answer with the truth and only the truth. 6. Members who are blacklisted from joining the organisation are people with relatives in law enforcement, relative to be known as a snitch or a two timing family member. 7. No Stealing from the family. 8. Access to the families armory can only be allowed if cleared with an Underboss, anyone seen to be touching a gun without permission will be seen as stealing. 9. No money is allowed to be accepted if its believed to have come from a rival gang or family. 10. All decisions about a job or a hit on someone must be brought to an underboss or the godfather to make the call. If any of these rules are found to be broken the decision will be brought to the godfather on what to do. Mainly ends with the person being killed. We are an organisation known for our reputation of Drug Dealing, Murdering, Robbing, Mugging, Vote Buying, Smuggling, Bid Rigging, Loan Sharking. We take pride in upholding these reputations just like our families did back in New York. FAQ: Can I Join the Mafia ? - You will need to be referred by a made member of the mafia to be considered to join the mafia, you must have Italian heritage , most of our members have Italian parents. Dress Code? - Yes our dress code is always a suit with Red Tie, unless doing anything illegal that we dont want to involve the family, drug dealing etc. Do we have a signature vehicle? - Yes the main vehicle we use is our signature blacked out Revolter. (see in pics below) We currently occupy 2 of these vehicles. Area of Operations? - The family are based in a Cul De Sac beside Mirror Park, we have based our operations from there since we have entered the city. Associated Families / Gangs : The Family only keep a good relationship with organisations they see that can make them money, if your organisation is worthless to the family and you are not paying for protection from the family we will continue to attack you and your family members until you decided to pay us for protection and then nobody will touch you. When Joining the Family: It is completely forbidden to ask a member of the family to join, the only way the family will look at you as a potential candidate is if you are referred to by a made member of the family and you have an Italian parent, both preferably, once you are referred we will get a member to watch you closely, then if they agree we will take you on as an associate where you are still only on trial. Once you go from being an associate to being a soldier you are becoming a made member of the family and with that brings a initiation process, we will bring you before a table filled with the highest ranks in the family and you will be asked the simple question of 'Do you know why you are here?' then you reply with 'No'. This is a family tradition, you will answer with 'No' even if you do know why you are there, this is for the respect of the boss. Once the initiation starts we will put a picture of a saint in your hand and light it up, while it is burning in your hand the godfather will say these words, "if you disobey any of the 10 commandments of the family may your body burn like that saint is buring in your hand", then you will be asked to read out a letter that states "If my mother is on her death bed or my wife is having our first baby and the family call me, i will answer the call and do whatever im told to do" if you reply 'yes' we the godfather will cut a slit in his hand and in your hand and you will both shake hands and this is you offically becoming a made member of the family. Drug Dealing : Currently we are the main distributors of Heroin in the city of Los Santos, we aim to keep flooding the streets with the product. The Rankings within the family at the moment : The Godfather - Mr H Consigliere - Snake The Underboss - Capos - Jamie Jones, Mr V Soldiers - Jozef Slabinski , Hatchetl Assosciates - Jeff Baker , Requests : 1. We would like to have our own signature weapon (such as a melee weapon) for executions and initiations into the family. 2. We have a neighbourhood as seen above, we would be looking for secret meeting area / safehouse in the city. We have an area in mind and if our application is passed i will discuss this with a member of government. 3. Access to buy revolters if possible as its our signature car. 4. Money Laundering if it enters the city. Screenshots: OOC: We will be changing our names so i will discuss this with a member of staff if they would like to know the new names for most of our members, for the safehouse i have shown a few members of staff the location, we will find an interior if accepted, personally i feel an organisation like this is needed in the city to add to the Criminal RP , everyone is to nice at the moment, an organisation in town like this will add to the criminal and police RP. Our members are also very very active.