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  1. _SmokeOnWater_

    New weapons dealer

    I would like to have the opportunity to be the new weapons dealer in the city with my Motorcycle club The Doss Mc We would be neutral with everyone and very secretive and RP to the highest standards we have been very active on the server and still plan on being very active and continue with are MC and it would be amazing if we had the opportunity to run guns and to prove to the admins and higher that we can do it and RP to the highest standards. If we do get the opportunity to run the guns than i would sort the prices woth admins and make everything realistic as possible and making sure there all the right price. We would make this fun for everyone involved and create amazing opportunities for people involved and have a laugh along the way. If anyone has any questions about this feel free to message me here or on discord at _SmokeOnWater_
  2. _SmokeOnWater_

    Angels Of Death (Los Santos)

    Cant wait to RP as two biker clubs in the city Looks amazing already
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bMIBXxcxoOEQoqyN9DUk3TZLx-GKKmWRHDheBp_0SFs/edit
  4. _SmokeOnWater_

    Ped Request

    character Name: Billy Adams Character Background (Where your character originated from, etc) : My character Originate from sandy shores he grow up in a trailer next door to crackheads and junkys his farther was head mechanic and owned a scrap yard there he learnt how to put 5 star rated engines in souping up race cars and adding illegal items on cars and bikes over time Billy learnt theses skills and when the time was right he packed up his trailer and moved to Los Santos where he rented a small one bed room flat trying to find a job to live in Los Santos Breif Explaination on how the Skin would benefit your roleplay: This would benefit my roleplay as its hard to make a character that fits my story and the PED i have chose fits my RP and would make it alot for everyone Name:TapHillBilly Hash: -1709285806