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  1. Angels Of Death Angels of Death are a motorcycle club founded in Liberty City with chapters spread accross the world from U.K to Australia. The Libery City chapter works closely with the triads acting as extra muscle while receiving heroin as payment from them and dealing coke with the Spanish Lords who were a small fry gang in Liberty. A couple members of other chapters from around the world were called togethor to make a new branch up in Los Santos, after hearing of the death of the Vandels MC. The goal is to fill the void that the MC left while bringing in our own set of changes that the shithole of Los Santos needs, The angels of death have always tried to seperate themselves from the law while not trying to aggravate it. They dont have the police like most other gangs, theyre more focused on the other gangs who are growing too big for their boots, and need to learn their place on the chopping block is under our boots. The 6 Fouding members of the Angels of Death (Los Santos) are: Fergal Motley - An ex Military man who joined the irish biker group "The Paddies" when he was 21, untill they were all slaughtered after a turf war with the Irish chapter of the Angels while he was only a Prospect. Being the only one that survived, the Angels president, Johnny Mcgee decided to offer him a place in the club, or die. Fergal accepted. Jug Head - Not much is know about Jughead, some say that he just rolled up to the clubhouse one day with a severed head in a jar and demanded to join, others say that he beat a man so hard that a hole appeared in the mans skull making it look like a jug, and others just dont like to think about it, all we know is hes one of us for life, and hes a scary mother fucker. Lander Jackson- Lander was part of an MC based in boston, he moved there when he was a teen to escape dublin and the gang violence of crumlins steets, he met up with his first MC, The Lost and Damned, where he became a patched member, though when he decided to leave, they took it personally, burning off his tattoos with a hot iron and leaving him ina pulp, He found the Angels a few years later while riding through Liberty, He joined in and instead of patching, was asked to form the Los santos chapter, he accepted. Sprocket O'Hare- Sprocket was born in Armagh to an abusive father who beat her mother to death in a drunk rage, after he caught her cheating, being how she is, sprocket grabbed her pen-knife and stabed it deep inter her dads neck, she immediatly packed her stuff and stole the car, fleeing to belfast, she spent a few days homeless, untill a member of the Angels Belfast chapter picked her up and offered her work, she worked as a bartender at their clubhouse for a month untill one day a bar fight broke out between a local and a patched member, she beat the everloving shit out of the man, she was then offered the position of prospect which she accepted. after a few years with the Belfast chapter, she heard about the Los santos chapter opening and wanted in. Juice Ortiz - Ortiz is of Puerto Rican and African-American descent, and is from Queens, New York, He was origionally Part of the Sons of Anarchy as a prospect, but while in prison met up with a member of the Angels of death and decided the home was a better fit for him, without the fear of the SOA finding out about his African American past as the angels were fine with non whites. William (Willy) Lennox - Willian Lennox was ex military much like Fergal, but this cunt was in deep, having made captain he had built up his respect and was seen as an icon, till one day that not many people know about, Lennox went ape shit and killed 3 people, the man was dis-honourbly discharged and forced into a psyciatric home, when he was released, he had mellowed, but he lost all empathy and remourse. Joining the Angels of death in 2016 and being transferred to start the Los santos chapter 2 and a half years later. RULES Respect given is respect earned No Bike, No Vote Your Cut is your life, Treat is as such. Never touch another mans cut Cops are not the enemy, No Snitches Death isnt optional, Club comes First Never Leave a brother behind We have our Cuts attached bellow, it overwites part of the vandals MC cuts and the old female lost MC cuts, Both of which arent used, We wish to have a clubhouse set up in the old scrapyard factory down the bottom of los santos, if possible to move the teleport location of the clubhouse interior to there (i can show you exactly where we wish to have it) we feel that this area could work well and would offer a different dynamic to the biker roleplay than the usual. We would also like to be able to sell motorcycles aswell, I know that it was promised to TIMO, but i dont know what the progress on that is, and i havnt really seen timo for a while and we would really like for the Motorcycle shop to have its doors open, we are all very active members so it would be easier to keep it open when people wish to purchase a bike! If we are unable to get bikes, it would be cool if we could smuggle weapons of medium calibre, (sawn off Shotguns, Double Barrel shotguns , machine pistols and such) Angels_of_Death_MC_Female_cuts.rar Angels_of_Death_MC_Male_cuts.rar