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Found 1 result

  1. Recoil


    This is a Developer Blog as of Wednesday 17/04/2019 General Public Info Added CarWash - (3 car Wash points around the Map, 2 are in The City, 1 is in SandyShores. These can be Found as an orange Car on the Map) Added /helmet - (By doing /helmet 1 this makes Your helmet Not get auto put on When on a Bike but if you put it as /helmet 2 It resets and actives the Auto Helmet Again) Added More Motels - (Got more of these Coming Very Soon) Fixed Motel Management - (You can now Edit Your Motel Days Through The Menu) Added Pharmacy In Paleto - (For people who live up in Paleto) Added Repair Business - (Your Welcome Seamus, This can be located on the map as a Grey Spanner and Screwdriver on the map) Fixed Admin Give car Command - (as it says) Fixed Job Prices - (Current Pay Fixed For these Jobs) Taxi Maintenance Delivery Police/EMS Chef/Supplier Update fuel Prices [Mechanics] - (Again. Your Welcome Seamus) Added Mirror Park YMAP - (Mirror Park now looks a lot more Better aka It's Fabulous) Police/EMS Added Spike Strips -(You Now Need To Be Worried About getting into Chases Criminals ) Enabled Bullet Casings - (You drop your casing without Picking them Up and You're In Trouble) Added Police Megaphone - (Don't be Scared if you here an angry Man telling you to Pull over the F****** Vehicle )