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Hello! Welcome to the developer's blog for one of the most important and content-filled updates that we have done so far on Spectrum Roleplay. Please be aware that visually not much has changed but the main reason we are naming this the big Version 2 update is because of the enormous economic reworks that we have done for this.


  • We have divided every single balance, cash and shared banking amount by 10. This pretty much knocks a 0 off the end of everything to make prices seem a little more realistic. Example: Range Rover costing $110,000 instead of $1,100,000.
  • Added backend dynamics functions in for EVERY SINGLE payment method in and out. This allows us to edit the amount you earn in any amounts you pay out PER ACTIVITY dynamically every restart.
  • Added in Drivers License, these can be purchased for $6,000 at the new Mors Mutual Insurance building. Please note that it will require you to have an active address. This can be a house or one of the new hotels/motels (read further down the blog), if this address is not correct and a police member does decide to check into this then a warrant can be put out for your arrest and a fine of up to $250,000 can be issued to your name.
  • Added in Mors Mutual Insurance building
  • Updated Insurance Paying Menu to include number plates (useful for staff related situations)
  • Introduced Motels (Buildings that can be rented out for up to 7 days), each has an individual address and is considerably cheaper than renting a house.
  • Removed Burgers and Water Bottles from store
  • Added in Burger Shot building and interior
  • Added in Burger Shot Supplier and Chef Jobs
  • Reworked payment for legal jobs. You should now be able to earn more money completing legal jobs when there are no police online than selling moonshine or other low police drugs
  • Added new Police undercover fleet for FBI
  • Updated Customs to allow police to customize/edit undercover cars
  • Updated mechanic's job to now REQUIRE you to tow a vehicle to the Paleto bay HQ to repair
  • Added in replacement parts for Mechanics to use on cars AND ordering/delivery system or missions
  • Updated User Z Menu to include a "Documents" tab where you can choose to access your normal ID, fake ID and Drivers License
  • Updated U menu to include the amount of mechanics online (EMS and Police are still going to show Low/Medium/High)
  • Added in Money Trails for Police to use in court cases. Police can now see users Depositing and Withdrawing money to and from banks (essentially a bank statement system)
  • Vehicle streaming resources have been cleaned up significantly. A large amount of unused/barely used cars have been removed and the ones that are still present have been merged into larger more manageable packs.
  • Police Bike has been updated
  • All bike handling speeds have been reduced
  • Updated all custom dealerships to now include a limited stock of Imported and Native GTA Cars
  • Significant buffs have been made to Native GTA Cars
  • More cars added to Simeon's garage including new SUV and Sports Cars
  • Added more bikes to Duffy's Motorcycles
  • Car price rebalance to introduce more worth and want to un-used native GTA cars (custom imports are now A LOT more expensive)
  • Removed repair kits from all stores to prevent abuse and uselessness of mechanics
  • Removed purchasable gun stores
  • Reimplemented Dirty Money, all illegal activities will now be funded in dirty money. This can be cleaned at the Laundrette that will appear on anyone's map with more than 100 reputation. This location can be raided and will be moved regularly.
  • Moved all Weed, Moonshine and Document Forgery locations
  • Removed Blip to Forgery location on a map
  • Added dirty money command (use /dm to see how much dirty cash you have on you)
  • Added dirty money to show on the main character loading screen
  • Updated housing prices for specific houses (higher end)
  • Removed some Police vehicles (weren't used or were useless)
  • Added the ability to give Dirty Cash to other players
  • Added ability to take friends into Hotel rooms (Currently in BETA with instancing)
  • Initial work has begun on the Spectrum OneSync port. Initial testing earlier this week shows promising results for the coming weeks.
  • Added ability to change Drivers license address for free at insurance location
  • Mechanic spawn points updated to be map-wide

Wishing you all the best and remember to always wear your seatbelt! 

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