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Hey! This is a slightly smaller developers blog than usual but I should be able to get a bunch of work in and push out a bunch of updates for the new year. However what is entailed within this blog was some crucial core updates and fixes that I am sure a lot of you will be thankful for.



  • A bug fix was released that prevented you from creating a new character on the main loading screen. However, there is an issue after creating a character it can take a few seconds before loading in. This is due to a handshaking issue to our database and will be researched into, with the coming weeks.
  • Character skin system reversal. Due to many complaints about how Male characters always have make-up and the female characters always look identical or awful, I have decided that it would be best to revert to one of our older more simplistic skin creation systems. One of the main drawbacks on this however is that you all have to remake your skins. This system is still in BETA and if you have an issues please make a bug report on the forums - A note for anyone that has or currently is in need of a custom PED skin, this system may cause it to be reset. If you already had the model you can request it to be reapplied to your account; if you are interested in getting a new player model then we will be opening applications in the next week or two.
  • Added small notification noises to Police CDS, Gunshot and Vehicle Theft reports and systems have been put in place to limit the spam of them coming from a single location.
  • Added the ability for Police to add and remove attachment sets on weapons.
  • Police can now use 10-20 blips to temporarily mark a location on the map for other units to see.
  • The police departments and ems are currently restructuring ready for the new year.

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