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Its happy new year and best of wishes to all of you going into 2019 here from the UK!

As promised we have a nice big developers blog and update release to carry your role-playing fetishes through the new year.


  • We have a brand new loading screen. This was much needed with our transfer over from the old server and now is host to many awesome community screenshots (although at this time they are mostly of @Juan a.k.a Cletus). Over the next few weeks/months/into the future, we will be adding more screenshots to it from our community discord #rp-screenshots channel so be sure to get posting!
  • We have had a huge UI recreation, this most noticeably changed the character selection screen which is now fitting with our server colours and has been considerably cleaned up back-end wise.
  • A fix has been released to delay issues when creating characters (noted in the last developers blog), so that means you can be creating your characters with optimum speed.
  • We would like to welcome @Recoil back to the development team, he has been working on a new Anchor system for boats (this can be found in your inventory Menu Z > Vehicle > Anchor), this allows you to go swimming without worrying about where your ride is after 😄
  • A fix was released to the Police Department CDS complaints and notification sounds - And I am sure that @Gotchy will appropriate me mentioning here that she is in fact right.
  • Thank you to @Filetcube for the new logo design found on our forums and on the server, looking colourful and wonderful!
  • Considerable work has been made on the new-upcoming Bank Robbery system, People who watched my new years live-stream may have seen some of the work on that!
  • We have accepted Duffy's Motorcycles, this will be the new main dealer for motorcycles on the server (Ran by @Duffy), this also included 2 new custom bike models being added. More to come next week!
  • We are deciding to enforce the legion square loitering rules on the server now, if you are found loitering around the square you will be fined by the police and even vehicles impounded for repeat offenders. We have introduced "The Plaza" which can be found on your map, this will be an area we will continue to spruce up with more cool stuff as time goes by.
  • Robin's Recovery now has an official map marker, this will be good for mechanic RP and a new system is in the works which will allow mechanics to more fairly price car repairs depending on what is broken.
  • Car Dealers currently have a new UI for selling cars in the works, this was meant to be done today but the magical fairy's of development got distracted with firework launchers so that should be in tomorrow!
  • New Illegal Weapons system currently in works and will be introduced to leading factions over the next week.
  • The camera and microphone command has been added back in for the reporter job, this job is however currently whitelisted and if you are interested in taking up the role then you need to contact an administrator and they will redirect you to the current leader/organiser (T.B.A)

As per usual if any of you find anything wrong please let us know over on our bug reports, and any suggestions make sure they are posted here so we can see them! Both myself and the Spectrum team wish you a happy 2019 and good luck with whatever happens throughout it!

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