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About the app

  • the app will be on everybody's phone by default.
  • When you make an account you need a confirmation code obtained from me (Daniel Dumile) or somebody that works for me (possibly for a small fee)
  • It will anonymously bring illegal business to everyone (as long as they are verified)
  • Certain people such as drug factions will have a verified tick next to their page (would require a meeting)
  • Main office will be disguised inside of the life Invader building
  • 1795596840_DesktopScreenshot2019_09.08-12_58_58_17.thumb.png.6bd4c634d432fbe9faf92dcd51eadcea.png
  • office.inside.thumb.png.968c163a886e54cb23a44a7b5d6b410a.png
  • Office would be a locked room (only openable by employees)

Everything mentioned can be tweaked and changed, this is just a rough idea. thank you 

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