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Hello Everyone! Welcome to Spectrum Roleplay. No matter how you ended up here its a fresh beginning and here has what has happened for the first update of our new lifetime!


  • Released a update to the backend that allows us dynamically allow developers to work on projects at the same time with a high level of security in data and storage.
  • Removed the older mouse controlled tablet and replaced it with the loved arrow controlled phone. Please note that phone contacts and numbers have been reset and you will have to regain these from the people you love to talk to!
  • Currently in the process of working on a new art design to create a new loading screen for you to all stare at while loading in.
  • Temporarily updated insurance system please use /payBills to pay for insurance until we introduce a more long term platform.
  • Temporarily disabled trucking while we redesign how it works for a more on duty/off duty style game-play rather than using a phone based location way-point.
  • Released our Spectrum Roleplay discord server, if you need quick support with the server or your client you can come and speak to our staff here.


We are currently just finalising some things over on our end, this includes fixing up a few loose ends with primary script changes so if you do see anything strange or need to report an issue please be sure to let us know over on our bug report forum.

From both myself, and the rest of the staff team. We thank you all for sticking with us and we look forward to working with you all 🙂

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