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Hello everyone! Just a smaller patch fix for the previous v1.0.2. I would also like to thank everyone for their great rp-screenshot submissions on discord! Keep them coming, we still see too much Cletus!


  • A patch was pushed to our back-end panel that fixed a login exploit (this was found and patched before being abused).
  • Vehicles and assets from the Arena War GTA V: O DLC were streamed into the server today. This should allow us to create some interesting server events in the future.
  • Weapons and Illegal Weapon Market System was now redone. This will be controlled by large groups (currently two) and all weapons will be dropped via supply drops to set locations given (similar to the drugs). You can see if a supply drop has been activated by seeing the Titan fly overhead!
  • After a stupid amount of time the auto restart feature SHOULD be working. The server will now restart every 6 hours promptly.
  • A new system to allow mechanics to charge people set amounts depending on the damage of the vehicle they are fixing is in the works and is just being polished.
  • The new advanced robbery system, well. Its still exactly how it was yesterday.
  • We are welcoming back the Vandals MC faction onto the server, this will be primarily ran by @Adster Mc and I expect that he will cause no trouble or harm to anyone!
  • We have replaced Swann's Luxury Auto's for the new Prestige Luxury Auto's. This will host the higher end of cars for all of you people with deeper in-game pockets. This will also be primarily ran by @Antony
  • We have implemented a system to automatically remove EMS, Police and other blacklisted NPC's. This was done to improve performance and help un-clutter some glitchy model/voicelines during intense RP situations.

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