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Staff Terms and Gudielines

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These are a full set of rules designed for staff to follow. These do not include our baseline set of server rules that can be found here as staff members are expected to follow this by default. This set of rules is posted publicly to allow community members to share concerns with specific staff members and relate to certain rule code or numbers while doing so.

Staff Helping and User Guidance

1.1 - All staff members are expected to help out any user regardless of their server presence or personal state if they have an issue, problem or complaint to their full ability. This can and does extend to discrimination or disregard to suggestions and opinions that may not benefit the staff member from an in or out of character perspective.

1.2 - In the case that a staff member is unable to perform a task or request sent to them by a community member or other staff member in a way that has clear, untitled opinions then it is the staff members responsibility to inform this individual and redirect them to another source.

1.3 - In a situation where the staff member is unable or is restricted for permissions, to complete a task then it is the staff members responsibility to ensure that a smooth transition is made between the user/player to the correct staff member with level power.

Staff Privacy and Fairness

2.1 - All staff members are required to be able to accumulate a fair non-influenced opinion during a staff situation or vote held within a hidden staff channel.

2.2 - All staff members must understand that information shared between other staff members in discord text channels, discord voice channels, in-game staff chat or any other staff only communication.

2.3 - Staff members are not allowed to access, save, modify or record any autonomous server log on discord or website. This includes vital information protected by the Global Data Protection Act any attempt to do so will be taken seriously and reported to the correct authorities.

2.4 - Staff members must respect the users' privacy when reporting issues or other players. It is the players' responsibility to state that they do not want to be named in a situation to other staff members. If a situation is passed onto a high permission stage then you are not allowed to continue to deal and intervene with the situation unless specifically asked to by the staged staff member.

2.5 - Staff members are not allowed to use official staff communication systems to talk, gossip or privately discuss another person's situation, game style or status. If you are not able to discuss this with the person you are talking about then you probably shouldn't be saying it without them present.

Staff Privileges and Abuse

3.1 - A Staff member is not allowed to use given permissions to benefit their own roleplay, server experience or use their given permission to entitle another specific user or group unless given explicit permission from an Administrator to do so, as part of an event or reward.

3.2 - If a staff member is found to be abusing privileges to benefit themselves within the game, they must fully acknowledge that this will result in a permanent termination of their account on our server, website, and forums with no further explanation required.

3.3 - If during a situation a player requests for another staff member to deal with the situation, you must endure this request and find another available staff member. If one is not available you must make this clear to the player and explain that they can take this further with another staff member once available.

Miscellaneous Notices

4.1 - You must understand that every staff member is entitled to their own free time, "nagging" or consistent messaging after warning can not only be seen as rude and disrespectful but also annoying. This alone can result in the termination of your staff position. If someone says they will deal with it later then leave it until later (this is for both players and staff members)

4.2 - Attempts to stir drama within the community over any sort of event is not tolerated as a player and is especially not tolerated as a staff member. There is a difference between disagreeing with decisions made and telling people mixed up, variants of a situation with the intent of invoking a reaction.

4.3 - Once you have applied and accepted to these base Terms and Conditions you agree to not mention or talk about your application process or promotion eligibility at any time.


If you have a problem with any of the said Terms of Service in this document then please be sure to contact a member of administration immediately. Failure to do so may result in future issues within your staff position. Please be aware we have full authority to update, remove and add rules and terms without prior notice to any of the agreement holders.

Disagreeing to the following statements will result in your staff eligibility being negated and role/privileges given being removed as of immediate to the disapproval.


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