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Sorry for the lack of development posts this week, the new year is over, school is starting and some people are still trying to seek out what they would define as a "social life", although we have been silent, we have all been busy at work. We have an amazing developers blog for you, filled with some new features. Optimisations, Drugs and @Zeg Deg personal garage (he hasn't shut up about it for the past 3 days).


  • Added Police Boat Spawn points
  • Added EMS Boat Spawn points
  • Fixed one of the scripts that was causing an abundance of NPC's to spawn and give you that resource time warning
  • Updated our Gym system, it no longer messes around with your animations after using
  • Added a Fitness Meter, you can now run to increase your stamina
  • Added a sweating system
  • Fixed Police on Duty Notifications
  • Added a bunch of new dances from the Night Club DLC (Club Interiors soon to come hopefully!) These can be used with /dance 1-23
  • New public drug (Meth) introduced - This drug can be made and sold with 0 police on and is designed to be able to grind reputation rather than money
  • Added the ability to go down to humane labs and steal Ammonia (used to make a new drug)
  • Added Match Boxes into General Stores (these can be used from your inventory to make 10 matches)
  • Added that when you have 1 x Bottle of Ammonia, 1 x Cough Medicine and 5x Matches you can create 1 Bag of Meth at the cook location
  • Added the function so that when you reach 1500 reputation the Document Forgery will appear on your map
  • Added the ability so that when you reach 1500 reputation you can use the Document Forgery and make Fake ID's for yourself and other players ($150,000)
  • Introduced the new PD Detective/FBI styled role. Some mechanic features will be coming to this soon
  • Got distracted and still working on the advanced robberies (Soon™)
  • We have now opened up our staff positions to be on an apply then promote style application rather than vote and promote style. You can now apply for the trainee role via this hyperlink [On the forums, if you are viewing this change-log in game].
  • All staff and promotions will now be handled by @Juan so if you have applied please don't ignore any messages he sends you.
  • Development in terms of Cars, Bikes and other Addon Vehicles will now be ran by @sgtherbz . So If you got a deep in game pocket and you wanna request a custom car for a dealer to deal to you then go ahead and give him a message.
  • We should start to see a more regular occurrence in Server and Discord events. These will now be managed by @Vodkaholic , So we can all look forward to hearing him sing the Russian nation anthem (and barbie girl).
  • We are starting push on our social media side, this includes twitter, youtube and maybe instagram. This will be primarily ran by @Zeg Deg so if you got any cool clips that he can use be sure to post them on our #rp-screenshots channel in discord for him to savour his opinions.
  • @Recoil is just gonna continue to do what he does, we don't know this is really. He is just kind of useless  useful at times.
  • We are currently working on a restructure for EMS (this includes looking for a new leading supervisor) if you think you fit the role be sure to apply (you can find this in the navigation bar above)
  • We are also currently restructuring and finalising training documents on the Police Department behalf, if you are interested in helping out there then I am sure you know what to do (application tab on nav bar**)
  • The map has now been completely de-christmified due to reasons we can only blame Recoil for, there were still a few santa shrines around the map
  • Work has begun on the new house robbery system, this does include each house having their own interior allowing you to place down storage boxes and move, will this ever be finished or a viable option? Maybe? Probably? We will have to see!
  • Issues that resulted in users not loading in the Pillbox hospital interior correctly as well as a similar bug that didn't allow some clients to load in at all has been resolved from our side. If you still do have issues loading in jump on the discord and create a support ticket. There is a connection and IP whitelist fix that we have devised for the server for the few people that have particularly picky internet providers.
  • Someones calling on your god damn Telephone! That's right, @Zeg Deg made a new ringtone. Its great, we love it, I listen to it on loop before bed. We are working on the feature where you will be able to change the ringtone between multiple Rob Stain Hit Singles!
  • We added in a few new locations around the map for Garages. These wont show up on the GPS but they are there. Trust me.
  • We are mid process of shuffling around all of the admin and staff commands, Helpers will begin to be able to be a lot more helpful and Moderators much more moderative??
  • A bunch of Administrator commands have been added in which allow them to reset your peds, twitter name, character name and other cool things. No need to message a Developer and wait for them to do it "after a restart"!

Not going to bore you with anything else, a bunch of back-end updates went through to our panel and management system however there will be no noticeable changes to any regular players because of it.

Remember if you like this update give us a thumbs up, if you don't then... We aren't youtube and don't have a dislike button so go complain to Recoil. If you find any bugs be sure to report them and any suggestions let us know. We will be going through Business and Faction applications later tonight in the staff meeting (after the community meeting) and we will be discussing the possibility for Player allowed Pilot and Flight.

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