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There has been a lot of confusion about what is going to be happening with this update so this thread is the latest, up-to-date form of what will be happening come 6PM BST on 12/04/2019.


Combined Patch Notes:

  • The issue where you were unable to respawn after the death timer has now been patched correctly
  • You can now use /carry to carry another player on your shoulder when they have their hands up.
  • /carryped can be used to carry a NPC/citizen
  • The issue with people timing out and being kicked for "Error [2]" has now been patched
  • New cuffing animations and sounds have been added in for when Police make arrests
  • More foods (Hotdogs, Sandwiches, etc) have been added into Burgershot
  • The issue where the pawn shop didn't recognise any inventory items has now been resolved.
  • Crafting has now been added
  • The weed system has been updated to use seeds. These can be purchased from 2 NPC's that change their location around the map periodically. This is only a maximum of 2 seeds per restart - server wide for moderation purposes.
  • The black market dealer has now been released into the world ... somewhere.
  • Issue where crafting recipes didn't show up sometimes has now been fixed (this was an issue with negative rep not triggering the correct events)
  • Added Phones to all stores ($1000 on public, $800 on whitelist)
  • Individuals can now use /bed in pillbox to be placed on the bed for EMS
  • When there is more than 1 police officer online you are now able to rob civilians by pointing any weapon at them. They will put their hands up and eventually give you the contents of their pockets (in dirty money). Please be aware there is a 50% chance that this will put a call through to the police.


Whitelisted Server:

  • Whitelist applications have been closed for the time being to allow @Tara to catch up on the backlog and give other staff members time to re-review some other individuals which we no longer feel are suitable for the server.
  • Continued updates from Combined.


Public Server:

  • A complete wipe commences. Memory, economic and character wipe will be put through at 6PM BST today.
  • This update comes with the newer version of the Spectrum v3 framework and includes the features that have been recently listed to whitelist.
  • Public server has will now receive constant updates/similar updates to the whitelisted server, just as a separate entity. This may sometimes mean that there is a time delay between when both servers receive and have updates implemented but this should never be more than 24 hours.
  • Economy Re-balanced. Numbers have been readmitted to be inflated compared to the whitelist server, to create more abstract opportunity and to allow players to choose in what kind of environment they wish to play.


For Clarification:

  • Both public and whitelisted servers will be online and functional.
  • Public will receive a full wipe, whitelisted will remain as it has been for the past few weeks. (No changes apart from patch notes)
  • Public server will still run off the "Apply to gain" system in regards to businesses and factions. Anyone that has applied for a business or a faction in the past will need to REAPPLY come sixth restart.
  • Both servers although developed separate have been updated in a way that makes it easier for developers to share updates across both versions of the framework more fluidly than previously.
  • The whitelisted server will still go off a harder more realistic economy, no changes will be made to that as of now


This post will be continued to be updated by myself over the next 24 hours to answer any questions that are asked via our discord. If you have any concerns please let us know.

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I'm confused, i thought the whitelisted would shut down and we would only play on the public since there is no one playing on it??

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4 minutes ago, Niklas97 said:

I'm confused, i thought the whitelisted would shut down and we would only play on the public since there is no one playing on it??

This has been changed. We are running 2 servers, whitelisted and public.

Both running similar server setup/features. Both having very different economy styles.

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