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This is a Developer Blog as of Wednesday 3/05/2019


General Public Info

  • Added Severity For not Eating - (if You Don't Eat your screen will start to pulse black)
  • Disabled Commands/Binds When being carried (Z, F7 and TAB)
  • Disabled Commands/Binds When Carrying People (F)
  • Changed Handlings on (BF400, Turismo, Vortex)
  • Added Animations For when using Lockpicks (Looks a Lot More Realistic)
  • Removed Repair Kits and Cleaning Kits From Vehicles 
  • Added Mechanic Impound
  • Added ability to purchase Vehicles From the DMV (Any Garage Gives u the option For $500)
  • Added more animations For Gangs
  • Updated Pricing on the Fishing Job (Not a Durastic Drop)
  • Changed Trees along Los Santos Freeway (Looks Nicer and not a Mess)
  • Updated Prices On Recycling
  • Updated Drug System
  • Added Notification When its Low Police


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Car Washed Not Showing
  • Attempted Fix For Mechanics Attaching and Detaching Vehicles
  • Fixed Issues With Needing a Garage Reset To Retrieve Vehicles
  • Fixed EMS Problems with (Morphine and General Aesthetic)
  • Fixed bug with getting fuel for free



  • Added Props Menu (Ability for cops to place and remove Props)
  • Changed Police Car Handlings (Not OP anymore)
  • Added Examine Back For EMS
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