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Its been a while since we have been posting these dev blogs, (a few months for that matter) this dev blog will be the longer one to highlight some of the main changes and updates that the server has undergone over the past few months.


  • Inventory Update - We have totally redone our inventory to now work off a more slick visual, drag and drop system. This can be accessed using the `  key (tilda)
  • Weapon Update - Weapons are now classed individually and recorded into the police database depending on the way that you have obtained them. This means that if your gun is stolen then it can be tracked back to your name if checked.
  • Item META Update - Items are now individually classed upon a similar system to the weapon classification. ID's belong to specific people and if they are stolen then it runs depending on the original owner.
  • New MDT System - All of the police records and fining system has been moved from Discord over to a dedicated system which can be accessed by using /mdt
  • Added notification in chat when the police presences turns to low. Please read the rules if you are unsure what the meaning of this is for.
  • Added more animations (including Gang Signs) into the F7 Menu
  • Edited the garage system to allow people to reset their cars for a price
  • Updated storage box, vehicle inventory and home inventory UI to work with new inventory.
  • Update job prices and access points to work with new inventory
  • Updated Drug Prices
  • Introduction of new Jewellery Heist.
  • Added in Police Evidence lockups (Individual to the person)
  • Update to HUD to remove clutter, you can now see your cash balance using /cash or /dm for dirty money.
  • Updated Police Clothing, vests and female model options
  • Added additional motels and currently in the works of redesigning the system to allow infinite motels to be available depending on the amount of people connected to the server.
  • Added sounds to doors when opening and closing them.
  • Added sounds to handcuffs when being arrested.
  • Patched a major give money bug which allowed negative figures to be given to people to gain money from them.
  • Added in systems which allows money from the police MDT and public jobs to be duplicated into private shared bank accounts that roleplay leaders/employers can use for bonuses and operations within roleplay.
  • Readded the extended interior to Mission Row Police Station
  • Added Mugshot Circle into MRPD
  • Reintroduced gun licenses, these can be bought from the court house and you will need one of these if you want to buy a firearm legally from a store.
  • Added CPR Animations for EMS revive/job.
  • Added in icons across map for new clubs, jobs and the comedy club (split sides)
  • Readded EMS operation suite.
  • Fixed Trash Cans from not working with new UI
  • Readded the office system in to allow players to purchase offices. If you want a custom interior for your office then please contact a developer as these have to be applied manually at this time.
  • Added a limit to the price that fuel can be set at to avoid the people who think its funny to set gas at a price of $23,000 a gallon.
  • Dates will now automatically be applied to Drivers Licenses and Gun Licenses, post purchase to keep everything to one universal format.
  • Updated the Logging, Fishing and Burgershot jobs to work with the new Inventory UI
  • Disabled the ability to roll vehicles back over after they have been flipped. You will have to use another vehicle or someone else will have to nudge you back onto your 4 wheels.
  • Disabled the ability to control a vehicle in air (excluding bikes)
  • Major changes to the Vortex handing file to reduce its overpowernesssssssss.
  • Added the ability to re-buy mobile phones at the Life Invader building.
  • Fix applied to prevent NPC's from standing still after selling drugs to them.
  • Readded the Meth system - This works the same as before with stealing/buying the materials and then mixing them together to turn it into a sell-able substance.
  • Updated the holster animations for police.
  • Added in new Time Trials these will be displayed on the discord and the person with the fastest time will receive an in game, monetary reward every week. Please note that this activity is technically illegal and you can be fined/arrested for reckless driving.
  • Re-added Housing, you will be able to buy houses across the map. These will not be based off a rent system but instead a one time purchase system. We may implement upkeep payments eventually, however if you become inactive then upon request a house may be taken away from you to give to someone else who is active.
  • Housing storage system updated, the houses now include a basic storage box which is individual to each house. We will be adding the ability to craft items in housing in the next dev blog.
  • Added new vests and patches for new factions accepted.
  • Work has begun on the business requests/applications that were accepted.


Sorry for the lack of posts showing these new features, it may not look like it - but we are still doing a lot of work behind the scenes! If you have any issues with the updates or find a bug then please let us know on our discord!

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