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  • New Drug System Implementation - We reset our drug system this now includes 4 primary drugs, Cocaine, Weed, Meth and Heroin. These have been reverted to a new faction controlled system which takes into account supply and demand factors of the server.
  • The server list presence has been updated for cops to show "Off-Duty" or "On-Duty", this is to suit our new low police rules which can be seen on our server rules listing.
  • Fixed vehicle storage caps. (Sorry but you cant store 1,000,000 under your Sanchez seat anymore!)
  • Police has received a rework in vehicle access to allow people to have access to new and older cars
  • We have added a bank robbery system. This is an alternative robbery system to the cash registry one, these will take longer but the payout will be greater.
  • The purchased motel system has been removed, motels will now be free and accessible to everyone. Storage has been removed from these due to them being free. If you wish to store items you must now use your vehicle trunk, buy a house or storage boxes.
  • Legion has received a make-over to add options for hotdogs, other beverages and entertainment of all sorts..
  • Re-added the briefcase, these can be obtained through in game contacts, it gives you a whole new level of trendy.
  • Player Robbery duplication glitch has been patched.
  • Removal of YMAPs that were causing bad frame drops around the Mirror Park and Highway areas
  • Match boxes have been fixed and can now be turned into matches.
  • Public Meth was removed to fit in with the new faction controlled drugs.
  • Added blips in for owned houses. When you log in you will be able to see your owned homes (they will show up as pale green houses on the maps)
  • Added replacement images in for some of the inventory icons
  • Illegal blackmarket weapons have been updated in price
  • Time trials has been added, so you can earn your $60,000 prize for setting the fastest times.
  • Progress on weapon selection system has started.
  • The moonshine system has been removed (because we forgot it even existed still)
  • Something that buzzes when people want your attention may or may not of began its first stages of reworks?
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