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Merryweather Hitman Services


How we will work:

This service is for high profile criminals, who want someone dead or alive and brought to them.

This won't be RDM, and instead will be instigated with high levels of role play leading up to the person death, or taking. it won't be just shooting the person in the head, or "put your hands up or ill shoot you ". It will be done by tracking the person down and doing ' pressing knife into peoples backs and taking them into ally way', (via /do command)'whisper in there ears to keep quiet and if you speak this knife will go through you' type of thing, it will vary due to different situations. (its just an example of one of the things we could do)

This will also be a way for the criminals at the top to keep there hands clean.


We will not require any guns supplied to us, as we will role play and get them by ourselves, with intricate deals which will bring a lot of interesting role play along with it. 

We ask that are base of operations be discussed if we get accepted, as we have a place in mind, but do not want to make it public.

We would also like two vehicles if possible.

Karin  Kuruma (Not Armoured)






Payment Methods

We take money via cash, or getting it straight into our bank accounts. (which could add some RP with the police as they can start doing investigations on us). 

Prices will be discussed in game, as they would vary.

People involved so far

John Higgins


How to be apart of this

You have to at least played on the server for 1 and half weeks, and have a high level of role play.

We will be strict so if the role play is not to the correct standard you will get kicked out, or you're character will be hunted and attempted to be killed in character.

There will be a trial period of two weeks. If you show a high level of role play and integrate well then you will stay on, however it will be strict, and if you show low levels of role play you will be dropped on the spot.

ALL WE WANT IS TO HAVE FUN! it may be strict, however we like to involve everyone, if they have any plans and ideas for the business then we will happily listen, and see if they are possible. same goes for jobs in game, we will all have meetings and discuss a plan that we will follow to catch the person, and will take all ideas from everyone into consideration.


If you have any questions then please put them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading.


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I don't know if applying for a business based around something you can't really do unless all parties agree beforehand is a smart thing. 

Merryweather is already established in GTA as a PMC, using the name is a bit strange seeing as a company like Merryweather wouldn't be interested in assassination and kidnapping on US Soil. Perhaps choosing a different image for your business would be better, and it seems to me like this could be done in RP if you just gathered a crew and put the word out that if someone needs reliable men to pick someone up quietly they can pay and have them delivered. 

I do like how this would give people an oppertunity to kill of their characters in a more interesting way than the usual boring ''I'm gonna commit suicide by jumping off legion bank!''

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