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  • Fixed duplication bug linked to inventory and robbery system
  • Now made it so that upon dropping items you will automatically do a message using /me
  • Medkits have been nerfed to now only work 50% of the time, this is designed to make you use the emergency services more often.
  • The bug which allowed you to loot player bodies once they had been knocked down has now been fixed. You must keep the hostage/subject alive if you wish to rob from them.
  • Introduced a BETA version of a new whitelisted job ("Fire Department"). This will act along side the Medical Services route and has a few interesting additions that are being tested between select members for now.
  • Disabled NPC firetrucks and response to fires.
  • Added in new clothing options for EMS and Fire Department
  • Changed the notepad system to now ensure they depend on items, you will be able to use a notepad to write in them and then drop and give them to other players as if they were any other item.
  • New anti-cheat detection implemented to help staff catch some of the people causing issues during negative "raids" over the past few weeks.
  • You are now able to use /taxi to call an NPC taxi to your location, you are then able to set a point on the map and the driver will take you straight there! This is currently a free system however we will be implementing a price before merge through to the main server.

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