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Hi everyone!

It is really important to everyone at Spectrum that we are clear and transparent with our community on everything. One of the things we want to be open and honest with you about is our financial standing as a community. Spectrum is run voluntarily, not for profit and solely off of donations from members of our community. Our target is set at £160 a month and we’d like to share with you how we came to that figure;


Dedicated Machine - £125.00

Web Server - £15.00

Google Drive Backups - £8.60

FiveM Patreon (custom clothing etc) - £45.00

Teamspeak & Other Licenses - £80.00

TOTAL - £273.60 / $347.34


If we are fortunate enough to reach our goal early, then whatever more is raised will go towards the next month and so on. If prices increase for any of these we will announce this and how it affects the total. These funds will NEVER benefit an individual, once a donation is received it is the community’s fund to keep Spectrum going.

If you chose to donate and help us towards our goal, please know it is truly appreciated and we thank you! ❤️

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