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Bug Report Format

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One of our main goals of this community is to continually provide updates and bug fixes to issues that you find with our server, this means that the way bugs are reported and organised is critical to how quickly we can support these reports.

When creating a Bug Report please follow the format below, this is for many reasons primarily this allows us to easily view and read through the appropriate amount of information; allowing us to fix it promptly. Please don't worry if your bug report is hidden from public view, this usually means a patch has been released and should be stated in the next relative Developers Blog on our forums.

Format (Please copy and paste below this line and use in your own thread):

Character Name (If affected):

Discord Contact (CheeseBalls#0001 for example):

Steps to Reproduce Bug:

Screenshots/Evidence of Bug (Include locations if needed):

Time of Bug Discovery (DD/MM/YYYY - 00:00AM):



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