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Its development blog time! We have been working hard behind the scenes to do things, however we have just been too lazy busy to be able to post a blog about it all!


  • Added in Town Centre and Government Offices
  • Added in Offices and reworked system to allow us to customise interiors per office rather than just one set interior
  • Added more houses in
  • Fixed rent and insurance system
  • Added in automatic purge of houses that are not paid for over 2 weeks (2 weeks overdue on rent)
  • Began work on new MDT system for Police
  • Introduced Secret Service
  • Fixed back-end panel issue that was rate-limiting some users when downloading extra vehicles and interiors
  • Introduced modular server system to allow us to add and expand upon the one server depending on queue listing [BETA]
  • Added in Fast Response vehicle menu, allows cops to refill on supplies in vehicles
  • Updated chat to now add back EMS and Police department alerts
  • Updated restart system to now announce at the correct times and work with the new modulation system
  • Updated and fixed health bar bug, when you die it will now no longer show you as having 1/4 health left
  • Removed repair function from Police officers, they will now have to call a mechanic or return to MRPD for a new vehicle
  • Updated rich presence on discord to now show "playing Spectrum Roleplay"
  • Added in new faction vehicles, job vehicles and vehicles for car dealerships
  • Cleaned up vehicle addon resources, reduced downloading times upon initial load-in
  • Introduced a large amount of admin utility commands to help out with common requests and tickets
  • Re-implemented old bank robbery system for higher payout/higher risk illegal activities
  • Updated FakeID price to $850,000
  • Updated sound effects for Police, EMS and Mechanics
  • Implemented chopshop. Extra work will be done to complete the car selections for next dev blog.
  • Re-added pawnshop to show in the daytime. Sell off stolen goods and car parts [Illegal]
  • Updated staff permissions
  • Began to re-haul the handling files for all bikes, right now these are too OP and can turn corners at 190 mph like its nothing.
  • Reopened Lawyer applications
  • Introduced/began creating own in-depth law system
  • Added in Governor and Vice-Governor Position
  • Completed Voting system for 23rd February
  • Located the realisation that exams are approximately 15 weeks away and that I should probably begin revising!


Hope you all enjoy these updates, as always you can apply for the Police, EMS, Mechanics and more through the forum tab above. And if you need any support or have an issue with a feature or the server then you can join our discord and create a ticket!

Wishing you all the best! ❤️ 

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