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Economy Update

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Hello everyone!

Recently we have ran into a problem that is beginning to cause unrealistic issues with the servers economy. We have decided to do a much needed update to the economy. This will happen on Friday 22nd February at 6PM Restart as long as no additional time or delays are impended (You will be notified if this is the case via discord).

One of the things that we really didn't want to do from and admin perspective was do an entire reset. We feel this is unfair and obstructive to peoples role-play. We have decided to try another approach of resetting the economy per-person based on your current net-worth. We were finding that people were making too much money too quickly and we feel that it is more than needed for this to be updated. Not only will this include a large update to everything to do with money but we plan to bring in a few additional updates that we have been working on behind closed doors to help aid the pull-through of this change.

An issue we have had in the past is that the moment anything like this is announced people decide to leave, or not want to earn money on the server due to it being reset shortly after. We are not aiming to do this and instead we are giving you a full detailed list of what will be changed on a personal basis now so you can financially plan into the future over the next few days and weeks to better aid yourself, your friends and your factions/business after this update is pushed.

The things that will be changing:

  • Car dealerships will no longer have an infinite stock, they will be required to save up and invest to add more cars to their showrooms. These car prices are going to be nerfed by a large mile, you will no longer be charged $180,000 for a low tier sports car. You will be able to buy these kinds of cars for more in the region of $50-75,000
  • Your bank balance will be corrected to 10% of its active amount before the restart on the 22nd - This may seem bad on retrospect but as everything else on the server will be brought down by the relative percentage it will even out once active.
  • Insurance WILL NOT change! A large issue that we are having right now is the amount of high end super cars driving round on the server's streets. We have decided that we wont be removing your vehicles but the insurance that is imposed on these will be stationary even after the 22nd update. We will be adding in a solid Police rule which means any vehicles that are not ensured will be impounded and crushed regardless of the situation and you will be fined the asking amount of insurance you are overdue. We HIGHLY suggest looking into insurance and what your new income may be (pretty much just take what you earn now and times it by 0.1 (giving you 10%)) and make a decision based on this figure. We are aiming to have most high-end vehicles sold by the change-over date.
  • We will be updating the Food System in game to add a larger variety of foods, this allows for there to be more social classification within the server down to the smaller details of what a certain character is eating. We are hoping to see newer players that have not built up an economic background yet to be walking round with cheap burgers while the more economically stable individuals may be there puffing a cigar and eating a quason (some kind of curly french bed).
  • Drug and Job pay will be reworked to the new relativity of in-comings and out-goings.
  • Extra updates will go through to all legal jobs to balance them out against illegal, this will also include pay towards PD, mechanics and EMS. Thus entailing possible updates to the three white-listed jobs listed prior.

IMPORTANT: It is very important that after reading this thread you understand what is actually changing here. We are simply editing figures to make its seem more realistic when purchasing, selling and earning money in the server. In real life a burger and bottle of water would NOT cost $55! Please understand that the rich will still be the rich and the poor will still be poor but the numbers that are involved around the city will be reduced and normalised to what would be expected outside of the internet (yes outside does exist its not a myth).

Thank You! If you do have any questions please be sure to ask us on discord and the organising staff members of the update will be there to advise and inform you of any changes (We have a temporary channel named #eco-updates that you can use to ask questions). Please do not assume certain things will change that have not been listed here. If you do want more information about a certain sector changing then please do ask first! We will be compiling all information, suggestions and finalising any changes closer to the the update date specified earlier in this post.

Hope you all having a wonderful day! And remember, wear your seat-belts.

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